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Demo Cars: The New Page Dedicated to Demos

Monday 18 May 2015

Imperial Select now features DEMO CARS – a section exclusively dedicated to available demo vehicles – right here on Imperial Select.

What are Demo Cars? 
Demo cars are new cars that have been driven, only for a few months, by the owners, employees or customers of a dealership. Far from being used or second-hand vehicles, they generally don’t have a lot of kilometres on the odometer. 

Benefits of a Demo Vehicle 
A demo car is a car that’s practically new – without the price tag associated with a new car. Also, since it has never been sold, you will be the first owner. Here’s another benefit: the demo car comes with a service plan as well as a manufacturer’s warranty (and sometimes even Roadside Assistance). 

Things to Remember 
Pay attention to the mileage once you take ownership to make sure you know when the car is due for its next service. The warranty will also be affected by the mileage/age of the vehicle so just make sure you keep this in mind for possible future wear and tear. 

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