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Driver Alert: New Car Licence Rules in SA

Friday 06 November 2015

Most of us dread heading to the Civic Centre or selected post office to renew our vehicle licence. Arranging to step out of the office, finding parking and possibly queuing when you finally get there are more than enough reasons to drive anyone up the walls. But: rules are rules and if you don’t want to get fined, you better renew your car licence every year.

Now, what we’re about to tell you next might not make you happy, but at least you’ll be prepared for your next “renewal adventure”. From 2 November 2015, all South African drivers need to provide a proof of residence when applying for vehicle licence renewal. This new rule was implemented by the National Department of Transport as part of Regulation 32A of the National Road Traffic Regulations. 

The reason: the National Department of Transport wants to make sure that all registered drivers “promptly and timeously receive their vehicle and driving licence renewal notices and any other road traffic related communique.” Fair enough.


Some good news: your new car licence disc can’t be withheld over e-toll debt.


So: you’ll need both a proof of particulars (full name & ID document) PLUS proof of residential and postal address if you wish to:


Change your particulars or address.

Apply for any of the following: driving licence, driving licence renewal, learner licence, vehicle licence disc, vehicle licence disc renewal, or registering a vehicle.

Here’s a list of documents you can use to prove your particulars:

RSA Identity Document / RSA Identity Card / Temp RSA Identity Certificate

Valid RSA Passport

Foreign Country Identity Document

Certificate of incorporation or name change of a company. 

Founding statement or certificate of name change of a close corporation.    

Traffic Register Number (TRN) certificate from NaTIS in terms of the National Road Traffic Act – only if the TRN for a private individual is accompanied by a valid source document in the form of an unexpired Refugee ID (BI-1707), foreign passport, work permit or study permit.  

Here’s a list of documents you can use as proof of address:

 Bank / Financial Statement 

 Municipal Rates & Taxes Invoice 

 Official Correspondence from SARS 

Telephone Account (Landline or Cell)

 Utility Account (Water, Electricity, etc.)

 Retail Store Statement of Account / Invoice 

 Correspondence from a Body Corporate or Share-Block Association

 Letter from the admin department for applicants living in a residence (e.g. hostel).

 Letter with an official date stamp from the educational Institution, or the residence, hostel or boarding house confirming student residence.

Letter with an official date stamp from the Ward Councillor or Local Tribal Authority confirming the postal and residential address for an applicant who resides at an informal settlement or rural area.

Mortgage Statement from Financial Institution

Lease Agreement (Signed by Both Parties)

Official Tax Return / Assessment

Recent short-term or long term insurance policy document or renewal letter.

Valid TV Licence Document

Please Note the Document Validity Period:
No. 1 – 10: < 3 months. No. 11: < 6 months. No. 12 – 15: < 1 year.