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  • 5 Basic Driving Tips for New Drivers
    Uploaded 5 years ago

    5 Basic Driving Tips for New Drivers

  • A Day In The Life Of A Demo Car – Before It Goes On Sale
    Uploaded 16 hours ago

    A Day In The Life Of A Demo Car Before It Goes On Sale

  • Why Savvy South Africans Are Buying Used Cars
    Uploaded 6 days ago

    Why Savvy South Africans Are Buying Used Cars

  • Found A Used Car For Sale? Here's Why Dealerships Beat Private Sales
    Uploaded 6 days ago

    Found A Used Car For Sale? Here's Why Dealerships Beat Private Sales

  • Need A New Ride? Here’s Why You Should Consider A Demo Car On Special
    Uploaded 1 month ago

    Need A New Ride? Heres Why You Should Consider A Demo Car On Special

  • Ready For Your First Car? Here’s Why It Should Be A KIA Picanto Demo!
    Uploaded 1 month ago

    Ready For Your First Car? Heres Why It Should Be A KIA Picanto Demo!

Uploaded 5 years ago

5 Basic Driving Tips for New Drivers

5 Basic Driving Tips for New Drivers
If you&rsquore still a new driver you&rsquoll know better than anyone else that in the beginning not everything is all that &ldquobasic&rdquo. With that in mind, we&rsquove chosen only 5 Basic Driving Tips for New Drivers that are easy enough to remember and all of them are aimed at helping to ensure your safety so you can enjoy many more years of driving and the independence that comes with it.
Brace yourself &ndash all 5 tips are obvious dos or don&rsquots but all responsible drivers understand the importance of taking these tips to heart.
Wear Your Seat Belt
Here&rsquos a point to ponder They&rsquore still making seat belts so there must be a good reason for it. And, not to pull the scientific card but, it has been proven (according to numerous sources) that wearing a seat belt helps prevent injury in an accident. If that doesn&rsquot get you think about the fine you&rsquoll have to pay when you get pulled over for not wearing one. Also encourage your passengers to wear their seat belts. 
Be Cell Smart
We&rsquore not going to tell you to turn your phone off. These days, we don&rsquot even let our batteries run flat. The thought is actually terrifying. What we will say is this please be cell smart when you&rsquore driving &ndash leave your phone alone. Don&rsquot pick it up, don&rsquot check it, don&rsquot text, don&rsquot phone. It only takes one second to ruin the rest of your life &ndash and what about the others who could also suffer if you choose a moment of selfish cell time over safety? Wait until you&rsquore safely parked, ignition switched off, before you carry on as usual &ndash attached to your phone. If you really need to check something, or get lost, pull over in a safe area before you turn to your phone for help. Music Tip Set-up a playlist before you start driving so you don&rsquot have to look for the songs you like. GPS Tip Start your GPS before you start the car and activate the voice function. 
Hands on the Wheel
Keeping your hands on the wheel at all times (except when you&rsquore shifting gears of course) is essential. Do everything you need to do before you start your car &ndash make sure your seat is in the right position adjust all the necessary mirrors put on your seat belt and lock the doors. Once you&rsquove done all these things there&rsquos no reason for your hands to leave the steering wheel and your eyes can stay focused on the road.
Hands off the Radio
Most of us love listening to music while driving. It&rsquos fun, relaxing and makes the journey more enjoyable &ndash especially if you have to face traffic. But music, as great as it is, can lead to dangerous driving habits. SO If you have a radio, audio system or MP3 player we suggest the following
  • Pre-set all your favourite radio stations.
  • Set up a playlist on your MP3/iPod/phone before you start the car.
  • If you have controls on your steering wheel, use those to skip/adjust the volume.
  • For hands-free listening, make sure your favourite CDs are lined up and ready to play.
If you&rsquore not used to driving with music, you should actually leave the system off or keep the volume down until you feel comfortable driving while listening to music (or other audio mediums).
Let the Lane Lead You
&ldquoStay in your lane&rdquo sounds like simple enough advice to follow yet it&rsquos surprising how many people swerve or change lanes without indicating. Uninterrupted concentration is crucial. You should always be aware of your surroundings and focused on driving responsibly. Remember, if you abruptly change lanes (especially without indicating), swerve unexpectedly, or cut someone off, you could backup traffic or even worse &ndash cause an accident.
You might be on your way to becoming a great driver but when you&rsquore on the road it&rsquos not just about you. You can&rsquot predict what others will do so always keep your eyes open for those drivers who can&rsquot follow simple road rules. 
Here&rsquos to responsible driving and years of independence! Stay safe out there.


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A Day In The Life Of A Demo Car Before It Goes On Sale

A Day In The Life Of A Demo Car Before It Goes On Sale

What's the most significant difference between a new car and used or demo car for sale? It's simply that a used car has been driven before and has a history. It's this knowledge that tends to make people uncomfortable - as, after all, there's no way to know whether this history was positive or negative, and what it involved. However, there's a misconception on how vehicles like these are used before they end up for sale. If you've always wondered what brings a demo car to the showroom floor, here's a day in the life of the average vehicle of this nature.

From Factory To Floor

A demo car begins life as a beautiful, brand new vehicle that drives off the factory floor and prepares itself for transportation. However, unlike its brothers and sisters, it won't be going directly to dealerships to be purchased by excited owners looking to take a new car home. Instead, it will go to one of many showroom floors across the country. Here, it will act as a model for those looking to purchase a new car of the same make, model and year. It will be one that people can touch, smell and most importantly - drive.

By the time a potential buyer has selected a car to test drive, they've probably already considered its price and specs. It's the drive that will determine whether or not they want to buy it, depending on how it handles and how it feels to operate it.

A car that's covered in smudge marks and tracked-in dirt or has a malfunctioning air conditioning system isn't one that's going to leave a favorable impression - even on the shortest test drive. It will impact how people see the brand and car, whether you're looking at an affordable, entry-level demo Tata or an upscale, top of the range demo Renault Clio.

What Does This Mean For Me?

You're probably wondering what all of this means for you, and why you should consider purchasing a demo car because of it. Well, if you consider what the average day in the life of a demo car is like, it's easy to see why this option is one worth choosing.

Because there's no telling when a person might come in and request a test drive, a dealer will need to ensure that the car is constantly in a clean and polished state. It means that it will be arguably kept in better condition than most cars in the dealership, and reinspected from top to bottom after it ventures out for every test drive. This is especially important when it comes to off-road or heavy-duty working demos, like Mitsubishis.

When it comes to test drives, the car will either be driven by the dealer or salesperson or the person looking to buy the car. It means that it will either be driven by someone with better driving skills than the general population, or by someone who doesn't want to be held liable for damaging a car they don't own. In other words, they'll drive extra cautiously, with less braking and revving resulting in the car having significantly lower mileage and less wear and tear than most of its peers. 

How You Benefit

By now you'll have seen why a demo car is considered a good purchase - ranging from it's low mileage to its superior maintenance. Add to this the fact that most demo cars will enter the market within a year or two of manufacture, meaning that with a KIA demo for sale (and most other automotive brands) you'll still be covered for the remainder of its year and mileage warranty.

In summary, you get to enjoy all the perks of a brand new vehicle with a significant discount on its usual price. It's an option well worth exploring if you haven't considered it before, so why not contact Imperial Select today to find one of your own?

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Why Savvy South Africans Are Buying Used Cars

Why Savvy South Africans Are Buying Used Cars

Another day, another breakdown in peak traffic. Between this frustration and your car repeatedly failing to start in the morning, it's time for a new vehicle. While you're sad to be parting with your beloved car, you're also excited to finally get a new one that won't give you problems. Because of this, you've started paying attention to all those 'new cars for sale' billboards and television commercials. You've also started plotting what luxury features you'd like to have in it when you drive it off the lot. We don't blame you for feeling enthusiastic about getting a new ride - but have you stopped and thought about what you're getting into, financially?

Do You Need A Brand New Car?

While a new car does come with a clean bill of health, it also comes with a significantly higher price tag. You might think you can afford this, but you should remember that other expenses will contribute to your monthly repayments. The cost of fuel in South Africa is constantly on the increase, and if your car is financed, you're looking at paying for comprehensive insurance too - and that's not to mention any extended warranty or added extras you might have opted for.

If you factor in these costs and find that your total monthly repayment is still affordable, a new car purchase is possible. Unfortunately, if you're like most South Africans, it might work out to be beyond your means. Remember that most financial experts recommend that you don't spend more than a third of your annual salary on a vehicle and that your monthly costs shouldn't exceed more than 10% of your salary.

So does this mean you're relegated to driving your ancient car that has no creature comforts and that you're embarrassed to be seen driving in public? Of course not. A small but growing group of financially savvy South Africans are having their cake and eating too.

How? By buying used cars and shopping demo cars for sale.

Used Cars Are Not What They Used To Be

When most people think of used cars, they think of their worst nightmare - in other words, a problem-riddled, fuel-guzzling monster with a funny smell that leaves a trail of exhaust fumes in its wake. While you might find cars like this for sale in the deepest darkest corners of the internet - or a deal with a stranger that you conclude in a fuel-station parking lot - this isn't where you should be looking.

Respectable dealerships like Imperial Select have a range of handpicked, well maintained and attractive models for sale that happen to be used - but you'd never be able to tell by driving or looking at them! So how can you tell these vehicles are the real deal?

Where Do Used Cars Come From?

Many people shy away from buying used cars as they assume that most of them are lemons that have been freshened and up repackaged for sale at a higher price by unscrupulous salespeople. This might be true for backstreet dealerships and shady private buyers looking to make a quick buck, but it's certainly not for Imperial Select.

It's important to remember where most cars come from - and that not all of them are being sold because there's something wrong with them. Every day people sell or trade-in quality cars to dealerships because they need the money for an urgent expense, or because the car no longer meets the needs of their growing family. Others sell their car because they're relocating or retiring and some sell their car because they can't or don't want to deal with the maintenance required.

This means that when you choose Imperial Select, there are hundreds of almost brand new cars of every make, model and year available for you to purchase - and the only thing holding you back is your perception of what used cars are supposed to be!

Imperial Select Used Cars

It's understandable to be wary about purchasing a used car. After all, it's something you'll depend on to transport you and your family safely and securely every day. This is why we strongly recommend you join thousands of other smart South Africans and purchase a used car from us. Yes, there's the obvious benefit of paying less, but you also benefit in the following ways

  • Peace Of Mind - every used car we acquire undergoes a strict AA vehicle inspection, which is undertaken by an independent third party. This is required by law before any used car is sold, and will ensure that it meets SABS standards, is in a good overall condition (appearance-wise) and is not unroadworthy or defective in any way.
  • A Wide Range To Choose From - just because you're not getting a brand new car, doesn't mean you have to purchase one that doesn't have those special extras you've always wanted your car to have. A simple visit to our website will allow you to browse by year, transmission and model - making it easier to find exactly what you're looking for. Remember that we have over 50 dealerships, so there's a great chance that you'll find the perfect vehicle without compromising on your requirements.

Being financially savvy doesn't have to mean being cheap - or going without what you want. When you buy a used car or demo car for sale from Imperial Select, you can enjoy the best of both worlds, so what are you waiting for?

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Found A Used Car For Sale? Here's Why Dealerships Beat Private Sales

Found A Used Car For Sale? Here's Why Dealerships Beat Private Sales

Like it or not, when looking at a used car that is being sold, the determining factor will usually be price. Whether you're looking at Hyundai used cars for your 18-year-old or a used SUV kitted out to finally make you King of the Bush, you're going to consider price before you consider what colour car you want or any other creature comfort that might make your life easier.

It's understandable to prioritise this, as the cost of living has never been higher, and we're all looking to cut costs where we can. This is why you might be tempted to go with a private vehicle for sale instead of one from a dealership, as these are often cheaper and seem to be a quicker route to getting a vehicle.

If you're currently considering this option however, there are several reasons why you're better off using a dealership to purchase a used car than going it alone in private. Here are just a few of them

  • No 'Voetstoets' Fear 

South Africans can rely on the Consumer Protection Act to protect them from dodgy or unfair car sales agreements. However, this doesn't apply to private sales. This is the main reason why a used Mercedes for sale from a private dealer will usually be listed as much cheaper than one for sale at a dealership. If you want to ascertain whether the car is up to scratch or not, you'll need to fork out for a technical inspection. This is a thorough examination of a vehicle's mechanical and technical status and the only way you will be able to tell that no hidden defects or faults are lurking in the vehicle. 

On the other hand, when you choose to purchase a car from a dealership like Imperial Select, you know that every car that we sell will be AA certified for your peace of mind - a privilege that you won't have to pay for either. 

  • No Stranger Danger 

You cannot always trust strangers, and if you're a single woman, you might feel vulnerable meeting a seller in private or having them ride with you while you test drive a vehicle.

There's also the reality that they may assume you know nothing about cars and attempt to sweet talk you into accepting a less than perfect model. There's no reason to put up with this when you can use a dealership instead. Your first test drive should be exciting and fun - and not dominated by fears over your personal safety or that you're being spoken down to. 

  • Get What You Need 

When you buy a car from someone, they'll be able to tell you everything about it - from its fuel consumption to how it handles the road during thunderstorms. You might find yourself agreeing to everything you hear and thinking it's perfect for you - when in fact there are other options out there that you don't even know about. 

Salespeople working at a car dealership rarely specialise in just one type of car, and most have a broad knowledge of brands, makes, and models. Perhaps you have your heart set on a used Toyota you've seen for sale as it seems like the perfect fit for your needs. After a chat with a salesperson, you might discover that your budget, needs and personal tastes are better suited to a used KIA vehicle instead. 

Car dealerships pride themselves on happy customers - so it's in their best interest to pair you with the perfect vehicle. Private sellers are under no such obligation. 

  • Less Paperwork 

When you've found a suitable car from a private seller, you'll need to check its V5C registration document and VIN. You'll also need to look at its mileage and service records. Any inconsistencies or oddities here could indicate that the car has been stolen and that the person you're buying it from isn't the original owner. It could also indicate that the vehicle is older or has more kilometres on the clock than you think. 

Think that the hard work is over once you've checked the above and are ready to purchase and pay for it? With a private sale, it's just beginning. You'll still need to take care of registering the vehicle in your name and licensing it. Depending on how urgently you want to start driving your car, you might need to take a few days off work to make sure this happens correctly.

When you purchase a vehicle from a dealer, we take care of all this for you. All you need to do is sign on the dotted line and let us do the running around and heavy lifting.

Choose Imperial Select 

Whether you're looking for a used Mercedes or any Hyundai used car for sale, Imperial Direct can help you find the car of your dreams with much less fuss, and complication than a private sale usually involves. It's a big financial decision to make - but that doesn't mean that the process of buying a used car can't be fun. By choosing a dealership over a private sale, it certainly will be!

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Need A New Ride? Heres Why You Should Consider A Demo Car On Special

Need A New Ride? Heres Why You Should Consider A Demo Car On Special

Looking for a car is exciting - but nerve-wracking, too. You want something that has the bells and whistles your previous vehicle may not have had - but you aren't willing to compromise on quality, either. You could get a brand-new vehicle, but they're expensive and your budget at the moment might not allow for this sort of luxury. If you find yourself in this situation, we've got the perfect way to start your new vehicle search - by browsing the latest demo car specials from Imperial Select. Here's why you're likely to strike gold with a demo vehicle.

Firstly - What Exactly Is a Demo Car?

A demo car is a car that typically sits on a showroom floor or is used by a dealer to showcase a vehicle's capabilities to prospective buyers.

So why consider purchasing a demo car?

1. They Have Low Mileage

We all know that new cars lose some of their value as soon as they're driven off the lot - and most people are okay with this, as long as the mileage is reasonable. However, used cars reach the market after years of use, so you're unlikely to find a used model with low mileage that is still in excellent condition. Most demo cars are used only for short drives around the neighbourhood during test drives, and few models will exceed 5000 kms on the clock. This means that with a demo car, you could shave thousands off its regular asking price, without the usual accompanying mileage.

2. They're Still Relatively New

Car manufacturers are continuously releasing new and improved vehicle models as technology improves and becomes more readily available. Just think that a few short years ago, Bluetooth connectivity used to be considered an extra feature in vehicles - whereas today you can find it in almost every new car model as standard. Buying a demo means you're getting the latest and greatest features without having to pay an arm and a leg for them.

3. They're Well Maintained

Ever shuddered to think about where a used car has been and what it's seen? We don't blame you. Most people don't keep their vehicle interiors and exteriors looking as good as they could. Because a demo car acts as a model all day, dealers are obligated to keep them spic and span 24/7 - on the inside and outside. Most even still have that new car smell!

Still not sure that you'll find the car of your dreams by looking at demo car specials? With Imperial Select offering everything from demo SUVs to demo hatchbacks, we'll be able to help you find what you're looking for. Start searching today for a demo car for sale.

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Ready For Your First Car? Heres Why It Should Be A KIA Picanto Demo!

Ready For Your First Car? Heres Why It Should Be A KIA Picanto Demo!

Few things in life compare to the excitement of buying your first car. Whether you've been relying on lifts or driving a family member's hand me down, there comes a time when you're ready for something that's all your own. With so many models on the market, you might be wondering where to start looking. A demo model would make a great first choice, as they're more affordable than a brand new model, without as much wear and tear and mileage as a used one. Here's why the Kia Picanto makes for a perfect first car, and how you can find one for even less at Imperial Select's KIA Picanto Car Demo Sale.

A Demo Picanto Offers An Unlimited Mileage Warranty

When you're buying your first car, mechanical failures or issues could seriously put a dent in your wallet if they occur. On top of this, most car insurers charge new drivers a higher premium, so the last thing you want is to pay even more on top of that. Most demo Kia Picantos are still within their Unlimited Mileage/5 Year Warranty, which means that you can look forward to years of hassle-free driving when you buy one.

A Demo Kia Picanto Is Affordable To Run

It seems like every other day, your Twitter feed features an update of another fuel price hike. While other drivers will be groaning, you won't be in your Picanto. With an average fuel consumption of 5-litres/100km, you'll be able to get around without breaking the bank.

A Demo Picanto Doesn't Skimp On Safety Features

Just because it's your first vehicle, doesn't mean that you should put up with anything less than 100% peace of mind. Purchase the 1.0 Smart, and you'll enjoy ABS, EBD, driver and front passenger airbags as well as ISOFIX child seat mounts.

A Demo Picanto Lets You Drive In Comfort

Gone are the days where entry-level vehicles had the bare minimum of comfort and entertainment features. With a Picanto, you get to enjoy air conditioning, power steering, bluetooth connectivity and much more, depending on which demo model is still available.

Ready to get going with your very own Picanto? Then you're in luck. Imperial Select are having a KIA Picanto car demo sale until the end of June. Stocks are limited, so visit your nearest dealership today.