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  • 7 Things You Never Want To Hear When Looking At Car Specials
    Uploaded 4 months ago

    7 Things You Never Want To Hear When Looking At Car Specials

  • Demo Cars: What Are The Pros, And How Do You Know You're Not Getting A Lemon
    Uploaded 1 day ago

    Demo Cars What Are The Pros, And How Do You Know You're Not Getting A Lemon

  • Is It Time To Get My Aircon Serviced?
    Uploaded 3 days ago

    Is It Time To Get My Aircon Serviced?

  • Is A Four-Wheel Drive Car For You? Here's How To Tell
    Uploaded 2 weeks ago

    Is A Four-Wheel Drive Car For You? Here's How To Tell

  • The Pros Of Purchasing From A Reputable Dealer
    Uploaded 2 weeks ago

    The Pros Of Purchasing From A Reputable Dealer

  • When Is The Best Time To Buy A New Volkswagen Car?
    Uploaded 2 weeks ago

    When Is The Best Time To Buy A New Volkswagen Car?

Uploaded 4 months ago

7 Things You Never Want To Hear When Looking At Car Specials

7 Things You Never Want To Hear When Looking At Car Specials

With certain purchases, it's easy enough to see if what you're receiving isn't what you paid for. For example, if you order a set of wine glasses, a crack in one of them means you can return your purchase and get your money back or exchange the cracked glass for an intact one.

Unfortunately, not all purchases display such obvious signs that something's amiss, and the more complex the item in question is, the longer it could take you to figure out that you've been duped by an unscrupulous seller. Cars fall into this category, and we all know someone who's ended up with a problem-riddled vehicle when they were promised one that would work perfectly. While there are certain precautions you'll take, often it's what the seller does and says that indicates something is wrong long before the car has a chance to disappoint you. Whether you're browsing car specials at your local dealership or visiting a private seller from an online listing, listen out for the following statements. It could prevent you from making a significant purchase that you'll regret!

"Someone else has already made an offer to purchase. Better act quick!"

Of all the lies that unscrupulous sellers tell, this one is by far the most common. Nobody wants to feel like they've passed up a deal of a lifetime or that they missed out on something because they hesitated too long. While this might be a winning strategy when haggling for souvenirs on holiday, it's one that doesn't apply when it comes to a significant purchase like a car. They're trying to pressure you into buying something - so don't fall for it!

"This offer is only available if you choose our financing option."

The car in question looks great, and its price is more than reasonable. The only problem is that the dealer is telling you that you can only acquire the vehicle if you opt for financing through the dealership - and what do you know, the person responsible for approving financing just happens to be present on the day you're visiting! Again, the goal here is to make you feel like if you delay in any way (even if it's to explore your options), you'll miss out. Again, a car purchase is too big of a decision to be made under this kind of pressure.

"I'll email you the paperwork later."

A request to see any kind of paperwork regarding the vehicle should be something the dealer can quickly provide. If you ask them for the car's service history, proof a used car has been settled with the company that financed it previously or any other documentation you need for peace of mind - and they can't immediately provide it - halt the sale process until they do. Beware if they can only produce photocopies or if they try delay giving this to you as it's never a good sign.

"You'll never guess what happened!"

Does the car in question come with a ludicrous story attached? Is the owner a widow who tragically lost her husband in a skiing accident or something else equally unlikely? A dramatic backstory usually comes with a 'too good to be true' pricetag, and the seller will be eager to get rid of the vehicle, most likely because it's stolen - or they plan on reporting it stolen after you've paid them for it. In real life, most people will be too embarrassed to share the sordid details of their lives with you and will proceed with a sale as usual instead of oversharing with a total stranger.

"Please pay the deposit into this overseas account."

If you're being asked to pay the car deposit or full price into a Western Union account or any other online money transfer account that isn't in one of South Africa's major banks, be concerned. A dealer should have a verified and official bank account. Here, it pays to research the details you've been provided with. Google any addresses they've given you as well as the name of the account holder to see if it differs from the name of the business you're familiar with. You might find it links to a trading company without a website or traceable references, or a post box instead of a legitimate brick and mortar business.

"You can only test drive certain vehicles at specific times."

Often dealers will secure a better model than the one they plan on selling you and have you test drive it. The best way to see what the general condition of all their vehicles is like is to show up without warning them several days in advance and request to test drive several cars present. If they try to discourage you from doing this or tell you that you can only book a car a week in advance, they might be attempting to conceal something from you.

"Let me explain to you..."

While cars will differ slightly from brand to brand, overall, they'll function in the same way. This means that you could be faced with a model you're not used to and be able to figure out how to drive it without detailed assistance. If a dealer starts to overexplain certain things to you, it could indicate they're trying to distract you or make excuses for red flags that are right in front of your face. Nobody expects perfection when examining a pre-owned car, but pointedly having flaws like mysterious stains and scratches described to you could indicate they're hoping you'll overlook something else worse.

It might seem like the process of buying a car on special is fraught with opportunities for you to get cheated, but the truth is that most dealers and private sellers are good, honest people and aren't trying to pull a fast one on you. Make a note of the above tips and choose an established seller like Imperial Select and you're unlikely to go wrong.

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Demo Cars What Are The Pros, And How Do You Know You're Not Getting A Lemon

Demo Cars What Are The Pros, And How Do You Know You're Not Getting A Lemon

When it comes to alternatives to buying a brand new car off the showroom floor, demo cars for sale are consistently the safest and most cost-effective option for buyers who want to save a bit of cash and still get a very recently released model of any manufacturing brand. While they have essentially been used for a few months by a dealership to showcase the model's features and driving experience to potential buyers, a demo car is still far superior to any other used vehicle. When they finally reach the end of their demo period, dealers put the demo cars through meticulous testing and checking processes before putting them up for sale. This means you get a new car for a significantly reduced price. 

Pro's Of Demo Cars Versus Other Used Cars

  1. Very few people drive a demo vehicle before they go on sale - usually one or two salespeople at the dealership, and aside from them, prospective buyers who want to take the car for a spin and get a feel for the driving experience - and usually only for very short rides. Whoever drives the car will treat it with care and won't likely drive recklessly or put too much strain on the brakes, clutch and gearbox. In the case of a standard used car, you can't ever really know how well or poorly the car was treated and what potential mechanical issues you may end up with when buying it. 
  2. Because demo cars are basically used for display purposes and a quick drive around the block every now and then, mileage on demo cars will be very low. Overall, hardly any wear and tear will happen to a demo car during its time at a dealership, and whatever bumps and bruises are done to the value of the car during the demo period will be undone before the car goes on sale. 
  3. As we mentioned, demo cars cost less than their brand new counterparts. And since many demo cars are outfitted with a lot of bells and whistles to show off possible upgrade options, your budget could get you a vehicle with a lot of extra features that you wouldn't have had in a new, stock standard model. 

So, now you know the main benefits of buying a demo car. If you're still not entirely convinced and feel concerned about the sales condition the vehicle in, keep reading. 

How Dealers Prepare Demo Cars Before Selling Them

Once a demo car reaches the end of its lifetime serving that role (which is usually by or before it reaches a mileage of 5000km), dealers need to prepare it for sale to a long-term owner. Not only do they want to secure the best possible sales price for the car, but they want to ensure that you get a car that is essentially brand new by putting each demo car through rigorous quality checks and testing. 

The dealership's team of mechanical specialists inspect the car and ensure that no stone is left unturned. Absolutely every part of the car is checked to confirm that it is still in premium condition and if even the smallest issue is found, they will correct it by replacing the part or repairing the problem area. Everything you would expect from a thorough service inspection with a newly purchased car is done with the utmost attention to detail. 

From an aesthetic point of view, the car is checked carefully for any scratches, marks or blemishes on the bodywork as well as the whole interior. As a standard step, all demo cars are completely detailed inside and out, to give it that perfect, brand new look and, just as importantly, that new car smell.

Your demo car for sale will still have the warranty a new car comes with but bear in mind that the warranty starts the moment you drive the car, so you'll have fewer kilometres covered than if you bought a brand new car. Still, this is rarely an issue if you consider the reduced cost of the car.

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Is It Time To Get My Aircon Serviced?

Is It Time To Get My Aircon Serviced?

Picture this It's a perfect summer afternoon, and you're daydreaming about how you're going to spend a day at the beach or take a road trip to explore and experience someplace new. You grab your bag, get in the car and head out. The sun is blazing through your car windows, and the warm air outside offers no reprieve from the choking heat inside, so you turn on your aircon and wait for that beautiful, crisp air to hit your face. The sound of the fan kicking in makes you count the seconds until the air cools down, but after ten seconds you're still feeling nothing but warm air blowing right at you. A minute later the vents are still pumping what you definitely didn't order something akin to opening a hot baking oven. That's when you realise you haven't had a car service or repair or checked your aircon in a while and it suddenly becomes clear that you are out of coolant. You spend the rest of your trip fanning yourself with a sweaty hand and praying for an ice-cold drink. 

If that's not how you want to end up this summer, here are a few tips to help you detect issues with your aircon and know when it's time to get it serviced

  1. The Aircon Doesn't Seem To Pump Out The Same Level Of Cool Air As Usual

Although it varies between the different cars and manufacturers, most air conditioners need to be checked or serviced every 18 months to two years, as gas levels typically last that long with standard use. If you notice the air just isn't quite as crisp and cold anymore, your aircon's gas is very likely running low. And it's not just about staying cool. If your aircon hasn't been serviced in a while, it will consume more petrol than it should which is simply a waste. 

  1. There's A Musty Or Strange Smell Coming From The Vents

If you haven't used your aircon in a while or live in a humid area, there's a chance that mould could have built up in your evaporator. This isn't just unpleasant to smell but can also cause illness, as the spores are being pumped directly into your and your family's breathing space. If this happens, turn off your aircon and have it checked out by a specialist as soon as possible. 

  1. You Hear Rattling Sounds Or Unusual Noises

If your aircon hasn't been serviced in some time, the fanbelt or compressor may become worn out or damaged and cause noises that shouldn't be there. Another possibility is that the pipes have become clogged, especially if you haven't used your aircon in quite a while. 

  1. Water Puddles Or Leaks

Take a look at the floor mats under your aircon unit - if there are any puddles of water or wetness, you may have a damaged aircon and should get it looked at immediately.

To keep your aircon in the best possible condition, use it throughout the year and get it checked by a specialist every two years to ensure you have perfectly regulated air whenever you need it. Whatever you do, make sure you get your car service and repair done by a reputable supplier.

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Is A Four-Wheel Drive Car For You? Here's How To Tell

Is A Four-Wheel Drive Car For You? Here's How To Tell

If you drive a front-wheel-drive car, but dream of those mountain-filled, rocky road covered road trips in the wilderness, it's time to make your dream a reality by purchasing a four-wheel-drive vehicle. Sure you can easily spot a 4X4 car on the road with its big tyres, large tall body and roll bar, but to buy the best four-wheel-drive vehicle for you, you need to know how it works and which vehicle type delivers it the best for your needs. 

Then you need to make triple sure that a four-wheel-drive car is, in fact, the appropriate vehicle type for you. In order to do this, you need to understand what four-wheel-drive is, what its used for and properly determine if your new purchase will actually be used for its purposes and if you will make the most of it. At Imperial Select we sell used cars for sale and take pride in our four-wheel-drive offerings, but you're the driver and must determine if four-wheel-drive is actually going to make a meaningful contribution to your life, or just be an expensive add-on that you never really get the most out of.

In Case You're Not A Motorhead How it works

For those who are not motorheads and for those not in the know, four-wheel-drive, or 4x4, is a two-axled vehicle which is capable of providing torque to all four wheels at the exact same time, or to just the front or back, depending one what setting you have chosen. It refers to a set of specific components and functions and is specifically intended for off-road application. 

In more detail, for those of you who really want to be in the know, the nature of torque transfer to the axles in a four-wheel-drive determines the number of sub-modes. The vehicle may be part-time, full-time and on-demand mode - referring to the torque being delivered to the wheels and how many at a time. No matter what the mode is, it is typically linked via a transfer case providing an additional output drive shaft, and in many instances, more gear ranges. 

Let's take a motoring moment to look at these modes a little closer. First off, with part-time mode, the rear and front axle drives are firmly paired within the transfer case. Here, the driveline does not allow any speed differentiation between the axle. Because of this, all the torque can go to either axle, but this depends on road conditions and the amount of weight over the axles. Two-wheel-drive cars have locking hubs on each of the front wheels. The rear wheels do all of the work when it comes to moving the car in a certain direction. Then when the four-wheel-drive mode is initiated, the locking hubs lock in the front wheels to the front axle and allow them to get torque from the engine.

With full-time mode, both of the axles are driven at the exact same time, however, an inter-axle differential allows the axles to turn when at different speeds and as necessary. This mode means that the driver can drive the vehicle full-time in four-wheel-drive no matter what the road surface condition is and fortunately never have to worry about driveline wind-up. When it comes to the standard bevel-hear differentials, the torque split is fairly balanced 50/50. There are however differentials which efficiently provide asymmetric torque splits as and when needed. 

Now let's talk about on-demand mode. A car with on-demand four-wheel-drive has a transfer case which operates mostly in the two-wheel-drive mode. With this mode, torque is transferred to the secondary axle as and when needed. This is done by modulating the transfer clutch from open to a firmly paired state. This mode requires an active electronic/hydraulic control system for torque modulation. 

Who Will Find It Useful

We recommend part-time mode four-wheel-drive vehicles for drivers who drive both on tar roads, whether to the shops, schools and work, and then drive on rocky roads and non-asphalt paths on weekends. So, basically, those who work hard five days a week in the city and then drive hard out of the city on weekends. Those who love to take road trips and go on family holidays into rural areas and the bush. Those adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers who drive up mountains for abseiling and mountain-climbing those who drive to quiet, never-visited fishing spots and those who love hiking and drive through rough terrain into unspoilt landscapes. Part-time four-wheel-drive is for part-time use in off-road or loose conditions where driveline wind-up is unlikely. 

We recommend full-time four-wheel-drive cars, whether used or new, for those who constantly drive on roads less travelled. Whether you live in a beach location, up a mountain-top or on a game drive riddled with sand and rocks, this mode is optimal for you. 

Find A Four-Wheel Drive Vehicle With Us

Now that you know how four-wheel-drive works and are convinced that it's the right type of car for you and your lifestyle, check out our used cars for sale that offer four-wheel-drive. Better yet, speak to one of our knowledgeable sales reps and book a test drive in one of our four-wheel-drive options!

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The Pros Of Purchasing From A Reputable Dealer

The Pros Of Purchasing From A Reputable Dealer

If you've never explored the option of purchasing a second-hand car through a reputable dealership and have instead always bought privately, with negative consequences endured, our advice is to seek professional help. Both from us and a psychiatrist.

There are plenty of pros when going through a dealer when buying a used sedan for sale and we know that when you eventually buy a second-hand car from a dealership and avoid that too-good-to-be-true private sale, you'll know you've made the right decision. 

What On The Box Is In The Box

When you walk through the doors of a reputable car dealership to look at any item in their range, you can expect to be met with honesty and information when it comes to the car in question's condition. Professional, reliable dealers always do their homework when it comes to the vehicles in their portfolio, it is their job. This means that potential buyers are informed of every condition detail as well as the full history of the car. 

Dealers also take pride in fixing small problems and improving the car's condition before placing it up for sale. With dealers, you'll enjoy first-hand qualities even though you're making a second-hand purchase!

More Than Just A Car

At a dealership, you can also expect positive assistance with credit and financial loans, which are provided by car dealers. They take the stress out of arranging finance and streamline and quicken the process so that you can get credit or pay for your second-hand sedan and get driving in your new purchase faster. Leave the stressful financial dealings to the dealership!

Dealers also take care of the paperwork, managing all documents to ensure that your purchase is correctly documented and filed, with the vehicle promptly registered under your name. 

Car dealers also assist with insurance, and you can often enjoy lower insurance fees and the best deal on insurance thanks to the car dealership's effective network of those in the insurance biz.   

Fortunately, used car dealers provide warranties as well, something you aren't likely to find from a private dealer you meet in an Engen forecourt. While the warranty is limited to a couple of months on second-hand vehicles, the flipside is that you'll be able to save for future car maintenance payments over the first few months when the warranty is in effect. However, as dealers take pride in selling well-conditioned, reliable second-hand cars, it's highly unlikely you'll spend money on new car parts and unforeseen trips to a mechanic once the warranty runs out. High-quality second-hand vehicles sold by dealerships promise many, many kilometres on the road before encountering any car problems.  

You Get What You Pay For

Sure you can expect to pay slightly more when buying from a dealership but it's a small price to pay for a good car that has no costly surprises appearing soon after the sale. With a dealership, you pay for what you get and you most definitely get the car you paid for once the dealership receives payment and promptly hand over the car keys while you turn up the radio and prepare for road trip freedom. 

Fair Is Fair

Another financial pro to consider is fair, good pricing on all second-hand vehicles sold at dealerships. With up-to-date industry knowledge of car values and costs and thorough assessments conducted on all their cars before allocating appropriate price tags, dealerships will provide you with an accurate, fair price for that second-hand car you want. You'll find that the value-added price tags at dealerships are lower than the surprisingly, unexpected higher price tags you'll be expected to pay in the private market.

In truth, and in reality, there are no cons when it comes to buying your vehicle from a dealership. We at Imperial Select do realise we're only stating the pros and that you're probably thinking that we're omitting the cons, so we'll be honest there is a con. It's the one you'll avoid when shaking hands on that private sale. 

Overall, to avoid any criminal activity and promote a seamless, credible purchase of your selected used sedan for sale of choice, and to embrace all the pros that come with the professionals, we encourage you to purchase a second-hand sedan through a car dealership.

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When Is The Best Time To Buy A New Volkswagen Car?

When Is The Best Time To Buy A New Volkswagen Car?

Although you can always look for Volkswagen cars for sale throughout the year, with many being sold on online car dealer websites, you won't always find the best bargain and get the best deal. To uncover the best bargain, there are many things to look for which can help pinch pennies and get you driving in your favourite four wheels for less. While Imperial Select puts potential buyers' financial situations first and creates great deals for those in the market to buy, we have also provided some great tips to help you find the best deal.

Buy When There's A Model Changeover

All bargain hunters do their homework. They find out about new model roll-outs, automakers' redesign schedules, read the tea leaves of the auto market by checking local dealer inventories and by exploring pricing guides for current car values. However, if you're a first-time buyer or don't know much about car bargain hunting, then first and foremost, put car model changeover at the front of your bargain hunt mission. As car buyers generally want the newest model to hit the car scene, this puts a lot of pressure on car dealers to offer bigger incentives and discounts to flush out previous inventory stock and get rid of the previous year's models to make space for new sought-after models. Seek out great deals on outgoing models where the sale on these old models won't be a tug of war but will be an easy offer of a good price.

Make The Most of Month-End Bargains

Sales reps work for commission, and when the end of the month draws near, and targets need to be met, that's when you will find the best bargains and negotiations. It's the last five days of the month when dealers have the greatest incentive to sell and move cars off the showroom floor. These sales reps know they can take a slight loss on that vehicle because they know that they will get a bonus for hitting that high target thanks to your car purchase.

The Year Is Up, But The Price Is Down

As dealers are trying to get rid of the last few sales come year-end and sometimes forego financial gains in order to rid the dealership of out-dated car inventory, you'll expect to find great deals and low year-end sale pricing at the end of the year. Sure, the prices are much lower than when advertised throughout the year, but please keep in mind that you may not find the perfect car in terms of colour and other desired vehicle options and specifics. This is simply because the inventory in the dealership is dwindling. Sure, you may not drive out with your blue car, but you can always buy blue car accessories or put blue graphics and wrapping on your new car with the extra money you saved on that bargain buy!

More Penny-Pinching Tips

More opportune times to buy a car is when manufacturers redesign a car model resulting in car dealers having both new and outgoing car models up for sale at the exact same time. With both on their hands, expect them to offer awesome discounts and incentives on older models. Sure, you'll be buying a slightly older model but saving money never gets old!

For those seeking a really good deal, another penny-pinching tip when looking to buy a new or used car is to look out for the moment when a car is rebranded to create a different model or when the model is being discontinued. Here, strike when the iron is hot and take advantage of the significant drop in outgoing car model prices.

With these tips in mind and the regular great deals and incentives offered at all of our Imperial Select dealerships, we're sure you'll find the perfect Volkswagen cars for sale at the perfect price at the perfect time.