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  • Best Ways to Negotiate for a Used Car
    Uploaded 8 years ago

    Best Ways to Negotiate for a Used Car

  • Dashboard Cameras: Why They're Worth It And How To Choose The Best One
    Uploaded 3 days ago

    Dashboard Cameras Why They're Worth It And How To Choose The Best One

  • Get The Upper Hand In Your Fight Against Corrosion
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    Get The Upper Hand In Your Fight Against Corrosion

  • What Are Your Brake Noises Trying To Tell You?
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    What Are Your Brake Noises Trying To Tell You?

  • Signs That You Need To Get A New Car
    Uploaded 2 weeks ago

    Signs That You Need To Get A New Car

  • Gearing Up For The Festive Season: How To Prepare Your Car
    Uploaded 3 weeks ago

    Gearing Up For The Festive Season How To Prepare Your Car

Uploaded 8 years ago

Best Ways to Negotiate for a Used Car

Best Ways to Negotiate for a Used Car

During the negotiating process to find the best used car deal, you will find that most salespeople will play hardball with you during negotiations on the used car price

Their tactic is that your logic will be taken over by your emotions and your desire to own the car. You might not think so but purchasing a vehicle is a very emotional experience. Your feelings about the colour, the smell, the shine and the newness all make you fall in love with the car and want to own it against all odds. Your sense of pride at owning the car with its shiny interior and the low kilometers on the clock, are all factors that the car salesperson uses to their advantage when convincing you to grab the used car for sale at their price. They know this is an emotional buy and this is what they play on. 

Even before you buy a used vehicle, you have taken emotional ownership of it and cannot take the thought of someone else owning the used car. If a used car salesperson is experienced enough, he or she will know how to use this to their advantage and to convince you to buy the used car at a higher price than what you originally intended to pay for it. Once you have already fallen in love with a car, nothing anyone can say will stop you feeling this way and to prevent you from losing all sense of logic. 

But when you are negotiating for the motor car, try to follow these tips so that you can still walk away with the best deal possible on the car

  • Do not make an offer straight after you have taken the used car for a test drive. Leave some time inbetween the test drive and the negotiating process so that the used car salesperson thinks you are not keen on buying the used car. This will put you in the powerful position if the used car salesperson thinks you are going to leave the used car dealership without putting in an offer on the used car. So take a break and make the salesperson think you are not interested in buying the used car anymore. 
  • Don&rsquot show emotions about anything that worries you or excites you about the used vehicle. The used car salesperson will take any aspect about your current that you hate or you love, and anything you mention that you hate or love on the used car you are interested in buying, and play on those emotions to convince you. But if you don&rsquot show them any of these emotions, they can&rsquot push your buttons to try to convince you to buy the car at their price. 

At the end of the day do realise that if you pass up on the used car deal, there will always be another car and another car love affair around the corner at the next used car dealer. Keep pushing on until you have found the best used car deal that suits your budget, not the used car salesperson&rsquos budget! 

Visit for quality new, used and demo cars



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Dashboard Cameras Why They're Worth It And How To Choose The Best One

Dashboard Cameras Why They're Worth It And How To Choose The Best One

With crime escalating and bad drivers appearing as quick as the fuel price increases, dash cams are more needed than ever before. Unfortunately, most of the time, a dashcam won't appear on the features list in a new car for sale ad. You can expect Bluetooth, air conditioner, airbags, power steering, central locking and CD/radio among other features, but until the day dashcams become part of the package you'll find yourself looking elsewhere for a solution. And, you should.

Many Pros It's Reasonable To Want To Buy A Dash Cam

From the moment you start your engine to the moment you end your road journey and switch your engine off, the dashcam has captured everything. A lot happens on the road - whether it's a quick trip from A to B or a long trip many kilometres long. You could have a car accident, experience a bad driver with road rage or you could get hijacked. This is why you need a dashcam, no matter the journey. 

If you're in a car accident, the dashcam is the most effective and strongest proof you will have for defending yourself and offering evidence to your insurer. The whole accident will be videotaped and recorded, with no detail of the incident missed. If you encounter a bad driver on the road or witness bad driving behaviour, the recording on your dashcam allows you to report the behaviour or driver easily and accurately. 

Business owners can track driver's movements on the road, especially in the case that petrol usage doesn't equate to mileage reports. Concerned parents can keep track of their teenager's driving habits, monitor their speed limits and be in the know about their whereabouts as well. 

Worried about road traffic police and being verbally abused or unfairly treated when stopped in a roadblock? The dashcam will record the encounter, and in the case of unfair treatment or unfair fines given, the cam will provide valuable recordings and evidence against the officer if you choose to open a case against him or her after the encounter. 

Need More Reasons To Dash To The Shops?

With all the above reasons, we're sure you're already convinced to buy a dashcam! However, let us sweeten the deal and advise you on more pros of a dashcam. Dashcams truly make the driving experience better for you in more ways than one! Many models offer built-in GPS, so the dashcam will assist you in finding your way through the busy streets easily. Out with the old GPS devices and in with the new dashcam ones, hey? 

Dashcams also videotape and document those beautiful, long road trips to the bush or sandy beaches - making collectable memories along the way. You'll have a flowing video diary of your holiday with all its stop-offs, and scenic landscapes driven past stored on the device and enjoyed later on screen.   

When Buying, Don't Dash But Take A Long Pause!

When choosing the best dash cam for you and your car, take your time. Take a long pause when reviewing different makes online or in-store. When searching for the best dash cam in a market which boasts a variety of top brands, factor in your needs when considering the best one for you, not just the features listed on the product box. You may want a high-end, state-of-the-art dash camera which comes with colour display, data and time stamps, multiple lenses or a low-end one with limited features. However, the best dash cams, regardless of features do the jobs they are made to do and fulfil multiple purposes. The best dashcams have the best functionality! 

Do some research and evaluate the pros and cons of each make and model and also keep in mind a few of the following important considerations.

First and foremost, consider video resolution! The best dash cams have a video resolution of HD 720p and upwards. You need good quality, clear footage to make out license plates, car models and driver's faces, so ensure your dashcam has high resolution. You'll also need a dashcam that has large storage capacity to ensure all footage is recorded. The top dash cams also have night vision, so look for this feature! Automatic on and off capabilities is a must-have for a top-of-the-line dashcam allowing you to switch your engine on and know that recording has begun without you having to remember to switch the dashcam on. The last thing you want is to have a blonde moment and forget to switch on the cam and be involved in an accident! 

Consider loop recording when seeking the best of the best dash cams. When in an accident, rather have your dashcam continue recording over previous footage when the storage fills up instead of stopping completely. Also, consider impact sensors on the dashcam. These are extremely useful in detecting accidents and immediately start recording minutes before impact. Only the best dash cams have these!

Now that you're convinced that the new cars for sale at Imperial Select deserve new dashboard cameras for all the right reasons, and know how to find the best dash cam, visit us! Get in touch with one of our professional sales reps today who will advise you on the best vehicle to house your new dashcam.

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Get The Upper Hand In Your Fight Against Corrosion

Get The Upper Hand In Your Fight Against Corrosion

So you've done your research and chosen a used Nissan for sale as your new must-have car. With so many reasons to purchase this car brand, including its rust-resistant properties, it's no wonder you have made this fantastic choice. And sure, you're seeking a second-hand car, but with Imperial Select this doesn't mean the car is old and rusty. Our dealerships pay special attention to checking all vehicles before taking them on board and reselling them. They also check for rust and put a massive effort into restoring the original level of anti-corrosion protection implemented by the manufacturer. Vehicles are expensive, and the last thing you want is for your new purchase to sprout rust.

So The Dealer Has Done Their Part, Now It's Your Turn

Taking care of your car is important in delaying the onset of corrosion or to avoiding the increase of corrosion levels if your car does, in fact, already have signs of rust. Rust happens when metal is exposed to water and the chemical reaction between the metal and water breaks down the metal. With this in mind, it's all about how your car is exposed to water and taking precautions and appropriate reactions to this. It could be as simple as not washing your vehicle in low temperatures or drying off your car properly and quickly after every wash. When washing your car, don't forget to wax the entire vehicle as well. This wax acts as a very useful protection against rust. Wax products form part of a larger helpful group of car cosmetics which should be used in the fight against vehicle corrosion. With rust forming both inside and outside the vehicle, use appropriate internal and external products.

Speaking of products, avoid at all costs the use of strong alkaline or acidic cleaning solutions when washing your car. Avoid these products, especially on glossy trim vehicle components. Another thing to avoid is a delay in repairing stone chips on your vehicle as these form rust quicker than you may think! Stone chips, along with paint damages, marks and scratches should be checked constantly. Paint is, after all, an integral part of your vehicle's rustproofing!

Don't Let Your Emotions Corrode If You Find Rust

If your vehicle does have corrosion - on any level - there is still hope. Firstly, give your car a thorough wash inside and out. Treat the areas directly surrounding the corrosion with appropriate anti-corrosion products. This is done to avoid the annoying spread of the rust. Then it's time to bring out your grinder from the tool shed, or borrow from a friend and get grinding. You'll need to grind away at the rust until it is has been completely removed. Once the eye-sore is gone, degrease and clean the area. For further protection, be sure to apply a paint primer which is the same as the car's body colour. And if you really want to be victorious in this fight against the dreaded rust, apply a finishing coat and level out the surface with simple sandpaper. A quick glance at the vehicle's instruction manual will give you the correct code for the correct colour. The rust may be gone, but you don't want a vehicle which looks like a paint-by-number colouring in book! 

If You're Rusty When It Comes To Fixing Things, Seek Professional Help

Sure, rust prevention from the professionals isn't cheap, however, sometimes it's the only option when your DIY solutions have all been corroded. There are a number of services on offer which range in efficiency, cost, longevity and durability. Imperial Select encourages vehicle owners dealing with rust problems to invest in these solutions to avoid more costly corrosion removal and exterior painting of the vehicle, which will set you back.  

With all this in mind, it's easy to not let the used Nissan for sale deal go rusty. We encourage you to fight vehicle corrosion by yourself or speak to one of our professionals today!

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What Are Your Brake Noises Trying To Tell You?

What Are Your Brake Noises Trying To Tell You?

We've all heard the squeaking, grinding and high-pitched noises that start quietly bursting from our car's wheels and then over time start screaming at us. Sure, we have ignored these sounds thinking that it's just a rock, dirt or dust. We delay the inevitable (due to financial reasons or busy schedules) until we have to visit a car repair workshop to change the brakes or discs. However, it's incredibly important to not turn a deaf ear to these noises and rather listen to what your car is trying to tell you and act accordingly.

What Do These Sounds Mean?

While we would never discourage someone from being proactive about car problems, it is also important to not become a worrywart thinking that every car shake or sound means oncoming doom and gloom. Thanks to the composition of brake pads and discs, they may make a slight grinding or swishing sound in the morning. Why does this happen you ask? Well, the pads have cooled down after the evening's lower temperatures and need to warm up. If you hear a slight hissing or even grinding noise after a rainy evening or dewy morning this is normal as well. What is happening here is that the brake pads are allowing a thin film of air, which generally forms on the iron discs, to sweep through. So breathe, it's not panic time yet. 

And if your vehicle is propped up with heightened brake pad performance, your brake pad friction material will boast an increase in metallic and ceramics. These materials sometimes create a hissing or grinding sound as you slow down. Rest assured that noises on these high-performance vehicles are completely normal. 

On a more common note, most brake pads feature a small spring steel finger. When you have reached the wear limit on the pad - due to using the brake pads too much or too suddenly or coming to the end of the expected pad lifespan - the finger scrapes on the brake disc. This sound you need to pay attention to! It's time to get new brake pads and is definitely not the time to see how long you can drive while braking on metal backing plates. And if your hearing isn't up to scratch, this sound is different to the sound of brake squeal. This is more of a ripping-sheet-metal sound, not a high-pitched sound.

Speaking of high-pitched sounds, have you scrimped on finances and purchased cheap brake pads recently? Are you now hearing a high-pitched brake squeal and have you been hearing it for months now? What's the bet you answered yes to both these questions? Well, this annoying sound is because your cheap brake pads contain extremely high metal content and there are large chunks of metal being pressed into the pad material. These metal pieces press on the rotor causing the squeak. And if you have turned a deaf ear to this noise, it's time to listen up and get new, quality brake pads.

Another time to listen up is when you push on the brake pedal and a squeak bursts from the rear brakes. What's the message from your car here you ask? Well, it's simple. Your shoe-to-backing-plate contact points need lubrication, and need it now! It's urgent because if the contact points lose lubrication, rust forms on the metal and the shoes scrape the backing plate. When this happens, and the wheels rotate, you'll be deafened by a rhythmic squeaking noise. 

When you finally listen to what your car is trying to tell you, and you need a tweak for your squeak, then visit an Imperial car repair workshop.

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Signs That You Need To Get A New Car

Signs That You Need To Get A New Car

Getting a new car always seems like an exciting prospect, but for many people it's not exactly on top of the daily life budgeting plan. While some people can easily trade in their vehicles for new ones, it is not always so simple for drivers who own cars that are a bit older and more worn. As with anything in life, everything reaches an expiration point, and it's no different with cars. Perhaps it's time to look into buying a used SUV or even a new model. Here are a few key indicators that you need to seriously consider and plan for a replacement car in the near future

Safety Concerns And Stressing Every Time You Drive

If the thought of getting into your car and driving anywhere leaves you anxious or worried, it's a fairly big indication that it no longer serves its purpose as it should. When your safety and the safety of your passengers and fellow road users are at risk because your car breaks down, malfunctions, or has a high risk of causing an accident or creating a road obstruction, you need to sit down and think about a solution. If the car is still fixable and can be maintained, invest some money in keeping it in order and running correctly. Nobody wants to worry about driving a car that may suddenly die, bellow out smoke, or rattle to the point where it feels like the doors may fall off. Remember that while a new car is a big expense, the potential consequences of still driving this car may be far more hazardous than you'd like to admit. 

Maintenance And Repair Costs Pile Up

All cars need servicing and present the occasional unexpected expense now and then, but if your car has been progressively costing you more with no prospect of improving in the future, it's probably time to give up on it. The expenses you run by trying to keep your car going accumulate quickly and, if you had to look at an overview of how much you're forced to spend on maintenance over the course of a year, you'd probably realize that it's actually quite close to - or possibly less than - what you would pay in monthly installments if you get a new, demo or used car instead. 

Your Lifestyle Has Changed

Over the years, people go through changes in their jobs, personal lives, and on other levels. Sometimes this means your current vehicle is just no longer practical or right for what you need in a means of transportation at the moment. Examples of this include middle-aged couples who no longer need to take the kids to school every day, so driving around in a station wagon or minibus is just overkill and doesn't make practical sense anymore. Couples who have children, or people whose families grow with dogs and kids, all need more spacious, modular vehicles to accommodate their lifestyles. There's also the chance that you need to downscale for financial reasons, whether your income level has changed or perhaps your car's petrol consumption is just too heavy to maintain along with your other monthly expenses. Also bear in mind that the older a car is, the heavier it tends to be on petrol. This is not only because engines no longer function as well as they did when they were newer, but more recent models of cars have far superior engines in terms of performance and fuel consumption. 

Your Car Doesn't Have The Features You Want Or Need

Sometimes a car just can't keep up with the features and functionality that come standard with new cars. Whether you're aching for more technological advancements such as Bluetooth, voice control, MP3 and MP4 player, park assist, cameras, or other features, there's only so much you can do to access this functionality in your old car. Sometimes these functions are also crucial instead of just being a want, for example, older or visually impaired drivers who need park assist and motion sensors to help them drive and park safely. 

If you find some - or even all - of the above signs hit close to home, it's time to work out a plan to get yourself a newer vehicle. We offer a range of new, used, and demo models and guarantee that each vehicle is in excellent condition. So if you're looking to buy a used SUV, check out our listings today.

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Gearing Up For The Festive Season How To Prepare Your Car

Gearing Up For The Festive Season How To Prepare Your Car

The year is rapidly passing, and with summer on the way, we can all look forward to some much-needed rest and relaxation this festive season. Whether you're hitting the beaches in Durbs, visiting family in your used Mercedes in Johannesburg, or just seeing where the day takes you, it's vitally important to ensure that your car is in good running condition. Our local roads are exceptionally busy over the festive season, and while servicing is important, there are some things you can check on yourself to ensure that you, your family and other road users are as safe as possible. 

Here are some things to check out on your car before heading out this holiday 

Tire Tread & Tire Pressure

Your car's tires are vitally important to ensure that you drive safely, brake properly and have the proper amount of grip on the roads and other terrains you travel on. Check your car's tire pressure often to ensure it's at the right level and remember that tires that aren't inflated properly can become prematurely damaged or result in one of the tire's tread becoming more worn than the others. If you're packing heavy for the holidays, remember that a heavier load will affect your car's handling ability, so be sure to check that the tread on your tires is still in good condition. 

Windshield Wipers

Whether it's a torrential downpour in Durban or bugs hitting the windshield, you need to ensure the best clarity and view of the road while driving. Check your windshield wipers for wear and tear the rubbers can become brittle from exposure to the sun, and end up smearing instead of wiping your windshield. Most windshield wipers need to be replaced every two or three years due to normal wear and tear, while the rubbers can last anywhere from six months to a year, depending on whether your car is parked outside most of the time and whether you live in a particularly warm area. 

Air Conditioner Gas

South African summers can be brutal, and the last thing you want is to suddenly have your A/C die on you while your halfway to your destination. Getting your gas levels checked is quick and simple, with a gas refill not being overly costly. 


This one may seem obvious, but if you're heading out on a long journey and are travelling on roads you're not familiar with, it's best to be sure that you won't run out of petrol in the middle of nowhere or end up high and dry in a traffic jam. Refuel often and be sure to check your GPS or maps for information on where petrol stations are located, so that you can plan appropriately. 


Always check your car's oil levels before driving far, as your car's engine oil is crucial to ensure that everything runs smoothly and doesn't burn out or get damaged. Remember to check your oil levels once your car has been parked for quite a while, so that the oil returns to the tank - this will give you an accurate reading of your oil levels as checking it right after driving will mean that a lot of the oil hasn't pooled yet. 

Braking System

Aside from your tires, your braking system is extremely important to ensure that you drive - and stop - safely. Check for any irregularities by listening for noises when braking, and testing the responsiveness of your car when you brake. If your car makes screeching noises, veers to the side or seems to bounce when you try to brake to a halt, get your car inspected at a service centre before going anywhere. There are several potential causes for these incidents to occur, including worn brake pads, alignment issues or damage to supporting parts of your vehicle.

Wherever you're going, we hope you will travel safe. And if you're considering treating yourself or a loved one to a new or used car, remember that we have a huge range of brands including Mercedes used cars, in Johannesburg and everywhere around the country, to choose from.