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  • Unethical Practices To Look Out For From Your Car Repair Workshop
    Uploaded 2 weeks ago

    Unethical Practices To Look Out For From Your Car Repair Workshop

  • How To Keep That New Car Smell For Longer
    Uploaded 2 days ago

    How To Keep That New Car Smell For Longer

  • 7 Reasons Why You’ll Never Regret Driving A Hatchback
    Uploaded 3 days ago

    7 Reasons Why Youll Never Regret Driving A Hatchback

  • Time To Buy Your Child Their First Car?
    Uploaded 3 days ago

    Time To Buy Your Child Their First Car?

  • SUVs: The Ultimate Urban Lifestyle Vehicle
    Uploaded 5 days ago

    SUVs The Ultimate Urban Lifestyle Vehicle

  • Common Mistakes To Avoid When Purchasing A Used Car Online
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    Common Mistakes To Avoid When Purchasing A Used Car Online

Uploaded 2 weeks ago

Unethical Practices To Look Out For From Your Car Repair Workshop

Unethical Practices To Look Out For From Your Car Repair Workshop

In the ideal world, we could trust every product and service provider we interact with entirely. However, the unfortunate reality is that for every honest business out there, you'll find four more that won't hesitate to pull a fast one on you to gain a quick buck. Nowhere is this more prevalent than when dealing with car repair workshops. Cars are complex machines, and it's easy to be misled by a few carefully crafted and spoken lines and dishonest practices - unless you know what to look for. Here are several practices unscrupulous mechanics tend to indulge in - and how you can find a car repair workshop that you can trust.

  • Targeting Women

The world might be getting more equal, but in some respects, women are still targeted when it comes to things they stereotypically don't know much about. Many women have horror stories about visiting workshops alone and having mechanics try to get them to pay for things they don't really need. Try visit a workshop alone and then with a male colleague or friend. If the mechanic in question suddenly changes their tune about what your car needs then you know they were attempting to sneak a few hidden costs past you based on your gender. 

  • Changing Costs 

When it comes to car parts and servicing, you won't find much deviation in terms of pricing from one dealer to another. This is because most parts come with set pricing that manufacturers recommend dealers and workshops charge. When you request a written estimate, this shouldn't be dramatically higher or lower than that of a competitor. If it is, you have reason to be suspicious. 

  • Everything's 'Urgent'

While regular servicing and maintenance of your car is important, missing certain deadlines by a day or even a week or two is unlikely to result in a catastrophe. After all, a car that stopped working or caused an accident the second a part malfunctions would be too dangerous to have on the road. For this reason, beware of mechanics that state that every repair you need to make is urgent and must immediately be paid for. Unless you've neglected your car for years or have recently been in an accident, it's more likely that certain repairs will be more urgent than others, allowing you to budget for them over a certain time period.

  • Nothing Is Written Down

When it comes to any kind of service agreement, it's important to get any promises made in writing to create an official record. A quality repair shop will have no problem with this as they'll understand it protects them as much as it protects you from a 'he said, she said' situation. Any quote, promise or estimate made verbally must be followed up in writing. If the mechanic in question won't do this, then rather look for another one.

  • Excuses Are Made

Mechanics are human, and mistakes happen - although not massive ones, and not regularly. A reliable mechanic understands that their word is their bond and therefore if your car won't be ready on time for whatever reason (or if they can't locate a part) they'll immediately let you know and keep you in the loop. Beware of those who toss out excuses or throw their colleagues under the bus. They'll string you along as long as they can and won't hesitate to disappoint you. 

Thanks to the Automobile Association's Quality Assured Accreditation Programme, the Motor Industry Workshop Association and even the Consumer Protection Act, the average South African car owner is protected from the worst of shady operators. However, it's always good to know what to look out for - just in case.

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How To Keep That New Car Smell For Longer

How To Keep That New Car Smell For Longer

When it comes to buying a new car, there are so many reasons to be excited. From the flawlessly polished paintwork to the untouched and pristine interior, every part of the driving experience during those first few weeks is deeply satisfying. While all of these are distinctly noticeable when you get into a new car, nothing quite remains more embedded in the memory than that new car smell. Whenever you get in your vehicle, you're immersed in that olfactory reminder that you've successfully achieved becoming a new car owner. As the month's pass, however, that smell starts to fade and soon your car will begin to feel and smell, well&hellipaverage.

Whatever brand you drive, from Toyota to Hyundai, new car fragrance doesn't last and we all so badly want it to stick around. We've compiled a few tips to help keep your car looking, feeling and smelling like new on the inside, so that you can enjoy that feeling for longer.

Keep It Clean

This should be a pretty obvious one but as time passes, we sometimes lose appreciation for our car interiors and don't keep them perfectly spotless anymore. If you want to keep your car smelling new, the first step is to treat it and keep it looking like new. Avoid leaving anything in your car for too long as it's an enclosed space and fragrances tend to set into fabric and plastic, making it hard to restore later.

Avoid Eating Or Drinking In Your Car

Yes, this is a tricky one. We all know how we strictly forbid anyone from opening a can of soda or, even worse, a packet of chips in our car when we first get it. As time passes, though, you end up rushing to get to work and grab a coffee and muffin on the go. Or you've had a late night and get takeout. Maybe you're on the road for hours and need to keep yourself fuelled just as much as your car. Whatever the case, eventually you are going to eat and drink while inside your vehicle, so the best way to counteract any smells it may cause is to get rid of the wrappers, cans and packets as soon as you're finished with them.

Keep A 'Trash Bag' In Your Car

Having a plastic shopping bag or even a large zip lock bag in your car will help to keep it clean and seal in any odours or spills that may be caused by leftovers or packets from food.

Avoid Smoking

This is a fairly obvious one, as cigarette smoke tends to gradually penetrate materials, especially fabric seats, and also causes discolouration to lighter coloured surfaces. If you can, drive with your windows open or ensure that you have a proper flow of air to avoid bad smells sticking. Also, leave your car's doors or windows open for a few hours on a sunny day when you're at home - fresh air alone does wonders to eliminate stale smells in cars.

Frequently Clean Your Interior

Remember to vacuum your car often, or take it to a car wash for detailing and a good polish. The bonus of this is that many car wash services use sprays, polish and other detailing products that have that new car smell, so you'll have your car returned to you perfectly clean and smelling like new.

Use Car Air Freshener

Some air fresheners for cars don't emit a particular odour, instead just neutralise any smells that shouldn't be in your car, allowing the new car smell to surface again. If your car is well past the point of smelling brand new, however, you can buy car air fresheners which are marketed to have that 'new car fragrance'. Certain dashboard sprays are also available and aim to replicate the smell of a new car. If you opt for an air freshener, try to get one that attaches to your car's air vents, as this helps the fragrance to circulate through your entire ventilation system and clear up all the air as it cycles through your vehicle.

Side Info What Actually Is The New Car Smell?

Did you know that, while we can all recognise the new car smell when we smell it, the various car manufacturers' each have their own unique new car smell? Some, like Jaguar, Audi and Ford even employ a 'smell team', dedicated just to creating the perfect balance of low unwanted odour and a refined new car smell for the interiors of their cars. Many factors combine to create these different new car smells, but the materials that make up the interior, such as leather versus fabric seats, plastic versus wood panelling, all contribute to the end result. Further than that, smell experts are called in to find the most pleasing fragrance that would work best for new car interiors and leave you captivated by it.

If you're after more than just the fragrance, we have a massive selection of brand new cars in stock, with more added every day. Take a look at our Kia, Renault and Hyundai new car selection websites and get in touch if you'd like further assistance.

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7 Reasons Why Youll Never Regret Driving A Hatchback

7 Reasons Why Youll Never Regret Driving A Hatchback

With the increasing need for affordable, practical and accessible transport, the automotive industry adapted their offerings over the past two decades to cater for the everyday person looking to purchase a new, used or demo vehicle.

Sedans, while having been the standard choice for previous generations, had become too large to navigate through urban traffic and no longer offered the right mixture of features and affordability that modern car buyers need. Enter the hatchback, a versatile, compact solution that not only fit the budgets of prospective buyers but also echoed the cultural style of modern society new possibilities have arisen.

Today hatchbacks are one of the most popular styles of cars for South Africans with their vast range of colours, sizes, features and price tags to suit the needs of people. With these stylish rides becoming an established choice in the local market, finding a used model in excellent condition has never been easier. Moreover, if you're not up for investing in a used car, options such as demo models like the Renault, Kia Motor, Hyundai, Opel or VW demo car, bring all the perks of a new vehicle at a reduced price closer to reality.

Here are the seven reasons why a hatchback is worth considering


Hatchbacks are often seen as being cramped and offering barely enough legroom in the back for passengers. While they are arguably quite compact on the outside, most hatchbacks provide a surprisingly large amount of interior space to transport passengers or bulky items and boxes when the need arises. They also tend to have more elevated roofs, which makes fitting in large items - or tall people - surprisingly easy.

Better visibility

Compared to traditional sedans, hatchbacks are built to be more upright, with larger windshields. All of this equates to a far better vantage point when driving, allowing you to see what's in front, behind and beside your vehicle a whole lot better and ensuring a much safer driving experience.


Modern hatchbacks are designed to cater to a wide array of lifestyle and target market needs. Whether a student car, small family vehicle or even a means of transport for a retiree, hatchbacks are built to be adaptable and easy to change and complement what you need it to do at any given time. Taking the family, including men's best friends for a trip to the beach? There's ample room in the backseat, and the boot of a hatchback can quickly be converted into an enlarged back seat or an open storage area. It also makes it ideal for shopping trips or even transporting items when moving to a new house. Most hatchbacks can quite comfortably accommodate five adult passengers and still have ample room in the boot to store luggage.

Fuel Consumption

An essential factor in the changing needs of car consumers over the years has been the rising cost of petrol. Cars that guzzle petrol became increasingly harder to keep as lifestyle costs surged and we all began to feel the tightening grip of living a more affordable life. Demo cars such as the Renault are designed with lighter materials and far superior, energy-efficient engines, and offer excellent mileage per litre, compared to older and larger models.

High Performance & Feature Packed

At first, hatchbacks were manufactured to fulfil a fundamental need in the market a compact, affordable, fuel-efficient vehicle that fits into the ever-growing bracket of consumers who couldn't afford luxury cars and didn't want to buy used vehicles either. Moreover, that's just what they got the bare basics. The first wave of hatchbacks weren't very powerful or impressive, they just got you from A to B. As time went on and the hatchback boomed into becoming extremely popular, manufacturers began to invest more time in adding features that would appeal to a variety of market buyers, many of whom are young, professional, trend-aware individuals.

Today's hatchbacks offer an impressive array of features, including cutting-edge technology you would typically only expect in the highest ranges of luxury vehicles. With voice command consoles, touch screens, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features, smart integration between your technology and your car has become so seamless that complement owners' personality and digital lifestyle.

A compact vehicle that's fuel-efficient, powerful and visually appealing, makes for a winning combination. The interest in hatchbacks gave rise to a desire for sportier, higher-performing versions, which has resulted in a selection of higher-end hatchbacks which can quite easily put some sports cars to shame in terms of speed and handling.

Lower Insurance & Maintenance Costs

Staying true to the initial goal of what hatchbacks were designed for, they are more affordable to service, maintain and insure. Parts are more readily available thanks to the popularity of these cars, and modern bodywork allows for more efficient replacement of panels when needed. Since they fall into the most affordable price bracket, insurance costs tend to be lower than that of luxury sedans, SUVs and double cabs.  

Accessible Parking for All

Anyone who's ever owned or driven a hatchback will attest to this you can't find a more comfortable car to zip through traffic and squeeze into parking spots. While hatchbacks vary a bit in size these days, most are compact enough to parallel park or fit effortlessly into those tight underground parking lots where pillars often make for bungled and awkward manoeuvring.

Whatever your budget or needs, there's bound to be a selection of hatchback models on the market that will fit and exceed your expectations. At Imperial Select, we update our stock daily and have a massive range of hatchbacks available from various manufacturers, including demo  Renaults now for sale. Visit our website to find the ideal model for you!

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Time To Buy Your Child Their First Car?

Time To Buy Your Child Their First Car?

So your son or daughter has reached that critical stage in their lives - the one where they're on the verge of transitioning from a dependent scholar to a young adult living an independent life. As a parent, you want to ensure that they're equipped as best possible to do so and getting them a means of transport is a big part of that. The best option, in terms of affordability and peace of mind, is to look at demo cars for sale. While not as light on your budget as a used car, a demo car offers all of the security and features of a brand new car, except at a significantly lower cost. Here are a few things to bear in mind if you're currently scouting for a car for your child.

  1. Guide Them Through The Process With You

While your child is bound to want the coolest - and probably most expensive - car, it's essential to keep them grounded by managing their expectations and walking them through the entire process - from how to search for a vehicle and what to look for, to finalising the purchase and getting the keys - with them. Explain to them why there's a lot more to think about than showing off their new set of wheels to their friends and that buying a car is a long-term investment which will always carry responsibilities and costs beyond just filling up the petrol tank.

Including them in the purchase process will help them feel valued as they get to have input in the choices being made - while you provide them with valuable knowledge. Teach them to consider the car's safety features, the cost of insurance for the vehicle, fuel consumption and servicing and maintenance costs. Not only will this help them understand why a more modest car will be the better option, but it will also teach them how to plan ahead and be aware of the various factors to consider when making the final decision.

  1. Keep Them Accountable

The freedom of getting your first car is exhilarating for your child, but they also need to understand that responsibility comes with the privilege. If they have younger siblings, make an agreement with your child that they take them to extracurricular activities or to see friends at the weekend. Arranging for them to pay for their insurance or routine maintenance will also help them appreciate and take care of their car much better. You can set out other particular terms for them to stick to - for example, that they wash the car once a week - to further keep them accountable as a new car owner.

  1. Ensure They Have Proper Car Insurance

Whether you're paying for their car insurance or they are, you'll need to guide them through the process of searching for comparing and selecting the best insurer and insurance plan. One of the worst things about being a new car owner is when something does go wrong, and you discover that the insurance you've been paying towards doesn't cover you as extensively as you thought.

  1. Inform Them About All Aspects Of Car Ownership

Sometimes, between the excitement of getting a new car and the almost automatic familiarity that seasoned drivers have, useful information slips between the cracks because we tend to assume that what we know is common knowledge. Take the time to inform your child about the importance of getting their car serviced, of how to drive safely, how to do necessary checks and maintenance on their vehicle, and what to be aware of that may not have been explained in their driving tests. Sharing knowledge about practical, real-life situations is vitally important but often overlooked. In South Africa, this usually takes the form of safety advice, such as keeping one's belongings in the boot and not on the car's front seat, and double-checking that a car is locked after walking away from it, as there is the threat of car jamming.

  1. The Benefits Of Buying A Demo Model

Demo cars are used by dealerships to introduce potential buyers to the model and allow them the opportunity to take the car for a test drive. These vehicles are the latest in a range and are only typically kept as demo cars for up to 5000km, after which they're sold at a discounted price. Demo cars tend to be equipped with extra features and fittings, to entice test drivers on settling for a model with all the bells and whistles. This means that you're likely to score a few elements that aren't available on base models. Since they're not entirely unused and straight off the showroom floor, demo cars are also sold for a good few thousand rands less than their brand new counterparts. Dealerships will ensure their demo models are in pristine condition, so you'll have peace of mind in knowing the vehicle is just as clean and free of faults as a new car would be.

Ready to explore your options and possibly secure a great deal? Take a look at our range of demo cars for sale from a variety of manufacturers including Kia, Mitsubishi, Renault and Tata. Remember to keep checking in frequently, as we update our site every day with new stock.

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SUVs The Ultimate Urban Lifestyle Vehicle

SUVs The Ultimate Urban Lifestyle Vehicle

Although traditionally associated with adventurous lifestyles and exploring beautiful destinations off the beaten track, SUVs have gained a larger foothold in the market in recent years as they transformed into becoming the preferred vehicle of urban residents, young professionals and suburban housewives alike.

While rugged and built to handle terrain that would leave an ordinary sedan or hatchback stuck in the dirt, modern-day SUVs are created with a degree of comfort, luxury and practicality that easily satisfy the typical urban driver's needs and desires. There is a vast range of SUV brands and models available in the country, which makes finding a used SUV for sale a lot more achievable, should you not be able or willing to invest in a brand new one. We've compiled a few reasons why you should consider an SUV as your next possible vehicle, even if you only travel on paved roads.

Bigger Size. More Options. More Freedom.

With an SUV, you can quite comfortably transport six or even up to nine adults, depending on the model. It's perfect for large families, dog owners, people who carpool to save on travel costs, frequent getaway travellers and anyone who desires luxury but also doesn't want to worry about space if it's needed. With huge storage space and many models offering modular adaptability, you'll be able to quickly shift between taking the kids to school, getting a month's worth of grocery shopping done in one run, buying that new 80-inch television and getting it home by yourself, or hitting the road for a week-long vacation getaway - all without needing to play Tetris to get it all to fit in your boot.

Safer On The Road

While many vehicles are equipped with extensive safety features, nobody can dispute that vehicle size is also a significant factor in driving safety. Think about how a small hatchback would fare in a direct collision with a larger vehicle like an SUV. Then consider how other drivers tend to be more aware and respectful of larger vehicles - after all, it's not double cabs, buses or SUVs that get pushed off roads and aren't given much courtesy when merging or changing lanes.

Strong Enough To Tow Large Weights

In terms of towing ability, few other vehicles are capable of comfortably taking on a large trailer and handling the drive without much effort. If you own a boat, motorbikes, a caravan, or need to transport large bulks quite often, an SUV is versatile enough to go from day-to-day family vehicle to a capable towing powerhouse within moments.

Higher Ground Clearance

Sitting at a more elevated position in an SUV means you'll have improved road visibility, which assists in safer driving. It also reduces the chances of getting stuck if extreme weather conditions such as heavy rainfall and flash floods strike, while also ensuring less damage to your vehicle's undercarriage when faced with rough or uneven terrain.


Several improvements in SUV design in recent years have not only made them more appealing overall but have also reduced fuel consumption quite significantly. If you consider this, as well as the passenger or storage capacity of an SUV and how it would save you time and eliminate the need for extra travelling, compared to a smaller car, it works out to be quite an economical solution in the long run.

Built For All Weather Conditions

While we don't live in a country that's often ravaged by extreme weather conditions, it is always reassuring to know that you drive a vehicle that can handle rough terrain, unusual or unexpected and dangerous road conditions. An SUV is your best bet for getting out of tricky spots and avoiding getting into them in the first place while offering all the features and driving comfort of a luxury car.

Crossovers An Alternate Option

If an SUV seems like overkill because you don't need quite that much space in a vehicle but find the features appealing, a crossover might be an excellent option for you. Several car manufacturers now offer crossover models, which are essentially a more compact version of an SUV, or a hybrid between a hatchback and a full SUV. The benefits of crossover vehicles are that while they offer spacious interiors, they tend to be a bit more responsive and zippy than their larger counterparts. Their size also makes navigating traffic and parking a bit easier than it would be with an SUV while driving experience very closely matches that of driving a station wagon or larger sedan. Fuel consumption is also better than that of an SUV due to the size and weight difference, and visually, crossovers are quite sporty looking, making them more appealing to younger drivers who want the space but aren't interested in station wagons or MPVs.

We have a large inventory of crossovers and used SUVs for sale and continually update our website with new arrivals, so remember to check in often to find the vehicle that meets your needs.

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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Purchasing A Used Car Online

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Purchasing A Used Car Online

If you have been through the process of purchasing a car before, new or pre-owned, you may be under the assumption that buying a used Nissan for sale will be a swift, effortless and easy transaction. It seems easy enough contact the dealer, finalise the purchase, get your car.

However, there are many risks associated with purchasing a used car online, and buyers should take more precaution than you think. The internet has now made it convenient for buyers and sellers to make instant contact, meaning business happens in real-time, and this means that decisions need to be made quickly. But this doesn't mean you should ever let your guard down or mistake ease for safety.

Not only is there a substantial time-saving advantage of using the internet, but it can also save you money in the short run. For one thing, you can sift through numerous cars on offer without having to waste fuel on physically visiting dealerships in your area. You can also specify exactly what you are looking for and therefore be presented with a much wider array of options to choose from with maybe even a spec or two you didn't know you wanted.

But there are also a few downfalls when shopping for used cars online. Searching for "Nissan cars Johannesburg" can provide you with pages and pages of results, but that does not necessarily guarantee that a car will still be available online in a day or two. This puts an enormous amount of pressure on potential buyers and quick-thinking is required to make a sound decision. That added stress can result in buyers slipping up, missing potential issues and making the wrong purchasing choice. To help, we've put together a few common mistakes you should avoid when purchasing a used car.

  1. Not Expanding on Location

One of the biggest mistakes a potential buyer could make is to stick to only one location or only the area they live in. By limiting yourself to a specific location, you are limited to only the cars in that area. You could be missing out on a bunch of better bargains in another city or province. People shy away from making out-of-province purchases because of the hassle of organising transportation. But sometimes, the right car really is worth the extra effort.  

  1. Making Assumptions On The Additional Costs

Buyers may feel the urge to quickly close a deal before fully thinking it through. After all, it can be gone within a few hours. However, this should not deter you from questioning a dealer on all the extra costs that will come with the car. The purchase of a used car is not the final cost, there could be repairs needed, and this could affect how much you are spending on a vehicle. A used car may also be out of the motor plan, so you must confirm with a dealer how much a service typically costs to allocate money towards that spend.  There are also other costs which need to be considered, such as performing the legally required road-worthy test and delivery fees. And, if you are in another province, you need to factor in the costs of taking delivery of your newly bought used car.

  1. Assuming The Seller Is On Your side

Although people can be wary of using the internet for making purchases because of the anonymity factor, they can similarly fall just as easily for sellers and marketing tactics. Because a seller gives you the perspective of being truthful, it does not mean it is an accurate reflection of them and should not sway your decision. "Sweet talking" a customer is their prerogative to making a sale and can affect your budget if you don't approach the process with an objective view. However, this does not apply to every seller and dealership. It is thus important to your needs and budget, to purchase a vehicle just for the vehicle and not the salesperson.

  1. Not Following Up On The Essentials

Because of the speed of a sale online, sometimes the important aspects do slip through. To beat other buyers, you may forget to ask for the vehicles service log and authentication papers. These need to be communicated and submitted to you subject to making a final decision as you do need to follow up on the car. Request the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), to confirm you are not buying a stolen vehicle. Ask for the service manual and ensure the car is currently licensed to be on the road, even though you will need to perform another road-worthy test at the change of ownership.

The most important step to take, whether purchasing a used Nissan for sale or another vehicle, is the physical inspection before you buy. This is not a step you can skip, and we highly recommend taking either a friend who knows a thing or two about cars with you or hiring an independent mechanic to do the inspection for you.  Skipping this step could land up costing you a lot more than you think.

With all our years in the business of selling new and used certified and top-quality cars to the South African public, Imperial Select is proud to put your mind at rest that when you buy a used Nissan from us, all of these points are already checked off for you. All our car salespeople are trustworthy, honest and do it by the book, and that includes keeping your vehicle's logbook up to date.

Come visit us to view our large variety of used Nissan cars in Johannesburg and other regions for sale or just surf through our range online. Contact us today to see what we can offer you.