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  • Book Your Car Service at Imperial Select Today
    Uploaded 1 year ago

    Book Your Car Service at Imperial Select Today

  • Buy a Used Bakkie For Your Delivery Service
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    Buy a Used Bakkie For Your Delivery Service

  • Tips on Buying A Nissan Used Car
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    Tips on Buying A Nissan Used Car

  • Benefits Of Buying A Used Vehicle
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    Benefits Of Buying A Used Vehicle

  • Selling Your Car? Why Going Through A Dealer Is Better Than Selling Privately
    Uploaded 2 weeks ago

    Selling Your Car? Why Going Through A Dealer Is Better Than Selling Privately

  • Reasons Why Buying A Demo Car Is The Same As Buying A New One
    Uploaded 2 weeks ago

    Reasons Why Buying A Demo Car Is The Same As Buying A New One

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Book Your Car Service at Imperial Select Today

Book Your Car Service at Imperial Select Today

Imperial Select gives you even more value, with our newly launched car service workshops that provide a range of diagnostic and repair solutions for new and used Kia, Mitsubishi, Renault and Hyundai vehicles across the country. For years, you have trusted our dealerships to find you the very best new and used cars in South Africa.

Our newly launched service division will now give you the benefit of reliable auto repair to keep your beloved car in tune, year after year. Available to book simply and quickly online, our car service centres are found across the country in all major cities.

Keep reading to find out why regular servicing is so important and why we aim to simplify the process through a fully inclusive service offering that covers all the basics along with everything you need to keep your vehicle in optimal driving condition.

Why Do You Need Regular Car Service?

Driving a car that is past its scheduled service date can put you and your passengers at risk, while also risking the lives of pedestrians and fellow road users. Over and beyond increasing the risk of accidents, an unserviced car also puts added strain on various vehicle parts, which can end up costing you far more than you expect in the long run. Don't let small, easily resolved issues become bigger, harder to fix issues that cost a fortune to fix. Some of the ways that a scheduled car service can have the biggest impact include

  • Catch early warning signs. Over and beyond your scheduled service, it is essential to book a service if you notice any engine lights, warning lights or any other early warning signs that something is amiss. Comprehensive vehicle diagnostics from our team of vehicle specialists will help to identify potential problems right away.
  • Check gearbox and clutch. If you are battling to change gears or you find that you have to press the clutch a lot further than usual, a service is highly recommended. This will help to make it easier to adjust your speed without any issues changing gear or engaging clutch. A slipping clutch will start to wear into the flywheel and pressure plate causing more damage, resulting in a more expensive repair and potential safety issues when trying to change gears at speed.
  • Keep brakes in working order. Brake pads are one of the main components in a normal car's braking system and are crucial for vehicle safety. Worn brake pads can be deadly if left unchecked. It can be difficult for most drivers to check without professional help. A scheduled service will help to keep brakes in perfect order so that you are always able to stop when needed.
  • Prevent worn suspension. Your car's suspension&rsquos system is there not only for a smoother ride but to keep the vehicle in control on the road. This is therefore an important part of the vehicle to be checked and possibly replaced with high-quality parts by trained vehicle experts.

Why Book Your Vehicle Service at Imperial Select?

Over and beyond keeping your car in optimal working order, Imperial Select gives you complete peace of mind in knowing that our highly trained vehicle specialists are here to assist every step of the way. For many years, we have maintained a reputation for quality, helping people across South Africa find the best new and used cars from trusted brands. Our car service for new and used Hyundai, Kia, Renault and Mitsubishi vehicles brings you the same level of excellence, with designated service centres found in major cities throughout the country.

Regular checks can go a long way in keeping your car in optimal running order, however, avoiding accidents and other problems, and ensuring that you enjoy your beloved ride for many years to come. Give your car the attention it deserves with comprehensive checks and servicing that you can always trust.

You can easily book a service online, for the benefit of a large team of skilled auto repair technicians, fully equipped workshops and top quality diagnostic tools. Whether planning a scheduled car service or looking for a trusted specialist to assist with a specific issue, we are standing by to help.

Book your car service at Imperial Select today and let us help you get back on the road, safely, simply and quickly.

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Buy a Used Bakkie For Your Delivery Service

Buy a Used Bakkie For Your Delivery Service

The international COVID-19 pandemic and our current national lockdown in South Africa has given rise to an overhauled way of living and offering services. With deliveries becoming a prominent service necessity for everyone who needs to stay home as much as possible, starting up a new delivery business that offers products needed in this time is an innovative and wise move. Doing deliveries with your car may be a good starting point, but if you want to expand your business and maximise your output, getting a used bakkie for sale would be a smart investment. Here's why.

Improve Delivery Consignments

A used bakkie will provide you with ample space to load your products and reduce the need to return to your home or factory several times a day to restock and return to your delivery runs. You'll also be able to make large order deliveries to a client without needing to play Tetris to fit all the boxes into your cabin. 

Save Petrol And Time

A larger space to store and transport products mean you'll spend less time driving back and forth to restock, which means you'll save on petrol costs and the time it takes to get everything you need to do done. 

High Resale Value

Bakkies retain their resale value better than any other type of vehicle, especially in South Africa, where we have a huge range of markets that need these types of vehicles to complete tasks. If you invest in a used bakkie, you won't need to worry about suffering a loss in value anytime soon - you'll be able to confidently trade-in or sell your bakkie should you not need it any longer at a later stage or if you need to upgrade to a bigger model to deal with increasing demand for your product.

Interested in a used bakkie for sale? We have a large selection of carefully checked pre-owned bakkies available. Contact us if you have a specific requirement in terms of make, model or price range - we're happy to help you find what you need!

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Tips on Buying A Nissan Used Car

Tips on Buying A Nissan Used Car

Crime has been a daily reality of our lives for some time now and unfortunately won't be something we'll never need to worry about. South African vehicular crimes are rampant, with many thefts, break-ins and hijackings taking place on a daily basis. So what can you do to give yourself and your loved ones more confidence and a feeling of being protected on the road? Whether you're looking at trading in your existing car, or if you're looking at buying a new one, we suggest you consider getting a Nissan model in your life. Here are just a few reasons why looking for a used Nissan for sale is a smart move

Wide Range Of Models To Suit Your Needs

Looking for a small, zippy car that doesn't guzzle petrol and can get you from A to B in comfort? Nissan has a model for that. Need a vehicle that can transport your family of five and the dog without everyone feeling cramped and aching for some legroom? They also have this covered. Live in a farming region or just really enjoy hitting dirt trails over the weekend? Nissan&rsquos range of used bakkies is a firm hit with locals all over.

Advanced Modern Features

Recent innovations from Nissan has made it easier than ever to drive without being distracted and yet still being able to do what you need to. Hands-free technology thanks to NissanConnect allows you to use your GPS, change radio stations or play from your phone or media device, make calls, send messages and more without ever needing to take your eyes off the road. New safety features that have been introduced include emergency calling, stolen vehicle locator and automatic collision notification for when you get in a sticky situation. 

Nissan's Range of Innovative Safety Features

The team at Nissan HQ spends a great deal of time focusing on ways to make their vehicles not only more efficient, reliable and comfortable but also as secure and safe as possible. Nissan has unveiled a large collection of safety features with their models in recent years, including automatic braking when a pedestrian is detected or approaches, blindspot warning systems, high beam automation that detects oncoming cars when you're driving and automatically turns them off and back on again to avoid blinding oncoming traffic, as well as rear automatic braking sensors for situations where you are about to reverse or back up into something behind you. All of these features have made the Nissan brand a great investment to keep yourself and your loved ones safe while out on the roads.

Nissan Is A Trusted Brand

Nissan has been a firm favourite car brand in South Africa for many years, with a great track record in terms of reliability and fair resale value. In terms of parts availability and cost, Nissan models are easily serviced and repaired locally and won't set you back as much as other manufacturer brands. Their extensive service plans and six-year warranty means you'll also be likely to pick up a used Nissan that is still covered for a good while to come, giving you peace of mind that you won't have to fork out extra cash shortly after buying one. You can be confident of many years of unfailing service and durability as this brand's cars are made to endure and last - and outlast many of their competitors as the years and kilometres pass. 

Keep Safe With Roadside Assist Offering

Should you ever end up stranded alongside a road or get stuck with a flat tyre, Nissan will be there to help with their dedicated roadside assist service to all Nissan drivers. Simply call their emergency number and they'll send someone out to help get you - and your car - back home safely.

If you're ready to make the move to a better, safer drive, view our used Nissan for sale models or contact us if you're interested in a specific model, year or have unique requirements - we're here to assist!

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Benefits Of Buying A Used Vehicle

Benefits Of Buying A Used Vehicle

With the current financial and social climate in light of COVID-19, times are tough but we all need reliable transport to get to and from home, especially with lockdown restrictions being enforced and walking not being a legal option anymore. If you're looking at used vehicles and considering a Renault used car or other pre-owned vehicles, you need to be certain that it won't let you down and will be worth every cent you invest in it. Here are some benefits of buying a used vehicle, in case you're still on the fence about it

You Can Pick Up A Great Car For Less Than Expected

As the saying goes, one man's misfortune is another's fortune, and this tends to be very true when it comes to landing a great deal on a fairly new pre-owned car. Many people can't afford their payments due to reduced income or an unexpected financial crisis, forcing them to get rid of their cars. If you're able to do so, now is a great time to buy a used car because there are many urgent sales and sellers who will be more willing to negotiate a price that works for both sides. 

You Might Find A Very Recent Model On Sale

Again, financial strain has caused many people who only recently bought a brand new car to give it up in order to survive. With a bit of browsing, you could come across a practically new vehicle at a much cheaper rate than you'd normally find it for, so keep an eye out. 

Buying A Used Vehicle Isn't Generally A Riskier Option... If You Do It Right

Many used vehicles have had only one or two owners and have been looked after well. This includes frequent services with a full-service history record and interiors that still look and smell brand new. There is, however, always the risk of buying into what looks like a great car at first, only to be stuck with what seems like never-ending problems not long after and a seller that seems to have disappeared off the face of the planet. If you're going to buy a used car, avoid private sellers unless you know them or have been able to have the car inspected beforehand to ensure that everything is as it should be. Ideally, do business with a certified pre-owned dealer like Imperial Select, as they offer quality assurance and do thorough checks on a vehicle before they offer it for sale.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

New cars put a big extra dent in your wallet when it comes to insurance premiums. A used car that's a bit older will easily knock a few hundred off your monthly insurance costs if you do a bit of shopping and compare offers from car insurers. And who wouldn't appreciate saving a few bucks?

Great Features And Add-Ons Are Likely

The previous owners of a car may have had all the luxury features installed or have upgraded their vehicle with extras you wouldn't normally find in that model. With a bit of browsing, you're quite likely to come across a great upper-end model that also has smash and grab installed, along with leather seats and a great sound system - all of this costing you less than what the base model of that car would set you back if you bought it straight off the showroom floor. 

You Don't Suffer Depreciation Losses

If the car is two or three years old, or even just a year old, it will have already lost a big portion of its market value just by being sold to the original owner and driven at all. By buying secondhand, that initial drop of several thousands of Rands won't fall on your shoulders and you'll regain more of the initial amount you invested in it if you decide to sell than what you'd get if you bought it brand new. 

Ready to look into getting a Kia, Hyundai, or Renault used car? For a range of used vehicles and total peace of mind to buy with confidence, contact us or view our website for a great selection of pre-owned models for sale. 

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Selling Your Car? Why Going Through A Dealer Is Better Than Selling Privately

Selling Your Car? Why Going Through A Dealer Is Better Than Selling Privately

Life changes and with it we have to make choices to improve our lifestyles or to manage current financial responsibilities. Sometimes this means selling your car to upgrade or downgrade. If you're currently thinking about selling your car and making some changes, you'd surely want to get the best price for your vehicle and have certainty that the whole deal went smoothly and without trouble. You'll need to look at how much you want to sell it for and then consider doing a private sale or going to a dealer. Here's why going the dealer route will ensure you get the best used cars for sale and secure a good price for your car. 

You'll Cut Out A Lot Of Time And Effort

Cars are a close second to houses when it comes to the big purchases in life and selling your car takes just as much careful consideration and research as buying a new one, sometimes even more so. There are a lot of factors to bear in mind when you're selling your car and trying to determine what a realistic amount is that you can ask for. Some of these factors include the make, model, year, mileage, engine condition, interior condition and also the overall appeal and demand for your particular make and model of car. There are several websites where you can search and filter to get a rough idea of what cars like yours go for, but that's not the only bit of work involved when selling. Once you've decided on an asking price, you'll have to place ads in several listings and start dealing with a lot of back-and-forth communication for the next few days, weeks or even months. When selling to a dealer, you'll only have to take time for the main considerations and negotiations, and then you can happily secure your sale.

You Won't Need To Deal With All The Headaches Of Trying To Sell

If you've ever advertised something for sale, you'll know how quickly what you thought would be a simple transaction can turn into a tedious marathon that spikes your blood pressure and leaves you feeling 10 years older than before you started it all. Here are a few things you won't experience if you sell your car to a dealer instead of making a private sale no dozens of phone calls or WhatsApp messages on your phone each day. No having to answer the same questions repeatedly or dealing with people who ask what the price is, even though the price is on the ad. No persistent hagglers trying to negotiate a price that's unacceptable to you but still keep trying even after you've told them 'no'. No dealing with what seems like a definite buyer who will finally take the car off your hands, only for them to suddenly disappear on you or decide they no longer want it at the last minute. No having to get back to the person who was second in line because the first one fell away and then having to subdue their suspicions over why the first buyer backed out of the deal. What you will get a good night's sleep, knowing the money is in the bank and that one big task is ticked off your to-do list. 

You Won't Be Haunted By Your Old Car

There are hundreds of private sale horror stories when it comes to buying or selling anything secondhand. You've surely heard of friends or co-workers talking about a bad experience with someone on Gumtree or another classifieds website. Getting the run-around when trying to secure a sale is already a headache, but often there are cases of buyers harassing the previous owner over issues they've encountered or claim to have encountered since buying the item. With cars, this is an even more exaggerated issue as there are many possible reasons someone could call back and want to demand their money back, even if you know you made an honest sale and that the issues they mention definitely didn't exist when you owned the car. With a dealer sale, you'll never have to think about your car or hear about it again. The next owner won't know who you are and if any issues arise, they will deal with the dealer and you'll never know about it. That alone is a big reason to save yourself from future stresses like this. 

Ready to make the move and sell your car with confidence and peace of mind? Contact us for helpful, friendly assistance to get your car sold and, if you're looking for a replacement vehicle, browse our range of best used cars for sale

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Reasons Why Buying A Demo Car Is The Same As Buying A New One

Reasons Why Buying A Demo Car Is The Same As Buying A New One

So, you've had your eye on a flashy new car for some time now and are nearly ready to take the leap and purchase one. What if you could get that same car for less than the advertised price? We'd all be happy to save some money whenever possible and when it comes to buying a car, those savings can translate to tens of thousands of Rands, not just a few hundred. If you're certain that you want a new car or are stuck on a particular new model on the market, we suggest looking at buying a demo model instead of forking out for a completely new one, and here's why

Demo Cars Are Well Looked After

A reputable dealership will ensure that their demo cars are always in pristine condition to give a potential buyer the optimal visual and driving experience. Even though demo cars are not completely untouched like new ones, they are always maintained well and checked through properly before being sold.

Mileage Isn't That High On A Demo

Most dealerships only keep their demo vehicles until they have clocked around 5000km, sometimes even less but never more. When you buy a demo, you can be sure that the mileage is still quite low and whatever wear and tear may have happened during this time is marginal. 

Any Factory Defects Won't Fall On You

Sometimes cars make it past the quality testing phase and yet somehow develop unexpected problems early on as it's being used. Few things are as agonisingly frustrating as finally getting the car you've been wanting for so long, only to have it break down on you within the first week. A demo car eliminates that risk vastly. In fact, if a car turns out to have a factory defect, it is most likely to show up during the initial period of time in which the dealer will have had it corrected. This means that any possible issues the car may have had will have already occurred and been taken care of before you take it over from the dealer. 

You Score On Off-The-Floor Value Depreciation

As you may know, if you buy a brand new car it will lose a big part of its value not long afterwards. In fact, the moment you get the keys and drive off for the first time, your vehicle will already have depreciated significantly - a brand new car loses around 15 to 30% of its sales price value within the first year of ownership alone, and continues to drop as the years pass. Buying a demo vehicle means that initial value loss is already knocked off, reducing the price you'll pay for it to its current value at that point in time. 

You Still Get All The Benefits Of A New Car

When you take over a demo car you also gain the remainder of the service plan and warranty in place for that vehicle, just at a reduced cost. Unlike with used cars, you'll likely still have many years and kilometres left to go before needing to fork out for a car service or parts replacements.

Nobody Else Would Know The Difference

Whether you buy a brand new car or a demo model, the two will be virtually indistinguishable. You'll get all the benefits of having a new car without paying all of the cost for it. Ask any friend or family member when you show them your car and they'll almost certainly think it's brand new, except for the reading on the odometer. 

You Are Likely To Get Added Extra Features

Since dealers want to show off the full array of what a potential buyer can have when they buy a car, demo cars are often outfitted with little extras that you would have to pay for if you had to buy the car brand new. These include an upgraded sound system, better seat upholstery material, steering control buttons instead of a standard steering wheel, as well as paint finishes on the bodywork that normally cost more, including metallic and pearlescent colours. 

Ready to look at getting a demo model as an option? We have a range of demo cars for sale on our website and add new listings daily, so keep an eye out for a great deal.