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  • Oversteer VS Understeer? What Is It? And How To Get Out Of It?
    Uploaded 6 months ago

    Oversteer VS Understeer? What Is It? And How To Get Out Of It?

  • A Financial Look At Different Vehicle Services And Repairs
    Uploaded 5 days ago

    A Financial Look At Different Vehicle Services And Repairs

  • Tips When Searching For A Used KIA For Sale
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    Tips When Searching For A Used KIA For Sale

  • Comparison: Kia, Mitsubishi, Renault & Ford Models Reviewed
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    Comparison Kia, Mitsubishi, Renault & Ford Models Reviewed

  • How To Make Your Car Stand Out On Dealership Websites
    Uploaded 2 weeks ago

    How To Make Your Car Stand Out On Dealership Websites

  • Which Bakkie Should You Purchase? Nissan NP200 VS Toyota Hilux
    Uploaded 2 weeks ago

    Which Bakkie Should You Purchase? Nissan NP200 VS Toyota Hilux

Uploaded 6 months ago

Oversteer VS Understeer? What Is It? And How To Get Out Of It?

Oversteer VS Understeer? What Is It? And How To Get Out Of It?

We've all watched our fair share of Top Gear over the past few decades, so we are all more than familiar with hearing Jeremy Clarkson comment how the new "Pagani Zonda understeers like a bloated pig" or how the latest release of the new Ferrari oversteers and it completely ruins the ride.

But how many of us honestly know what these terms really mean? More importantly, we're not driving around day to day in million-dollar supercars at breakneck speeds. So, what difference does oversteer and understeer make to us normal, everyday Joe's when we're simply commuting from home to work?

In this blog, we explain the concepts of oversteer and understeer and what impact they have on our ability to handle our cars on normal South Africa roads. 

It's important to note that while oversteer and understeer are still challenges that we as drivers face, thanks to technology that is being placed as standard in most new cars these days (you'll even find this tech when buying a used Kia Rio for example), these problems are becoming less and less pervasive and easier to deal with. It's also worth noting that most of us South African drivers will hardly ever experienced dramatic over or understeer (the likes of which we see Clarkson and his mates dealing with around a track) due to the fact that we drive at pretty conservative speeds. Still, on an extremely wet or slippery road in any country, and at almost any speed, oversteer and understeer can be experienced, so its good to know how to deal with it. 

OVERSTEER - Usually occurs in front-wheel-drive cars

Oversteer can be explained as when a car turns more than the driver wants it to while negotiating a turn.  You will know that you are oversteering if either the tale of your car slides out or if the car enters a full spin. This occurs because the front wheels have lost traction before the back wheels have.

Correcting Oversteer

If you ever do find yourself in an oversteer situation, getting out of it is actually quite simple. Simply think correct, wait, straighten!

Correct Quickly turn your wheels to point in the direction that you are travelling. This is important as this might mean turning the wheels away from the direction of an oncoming car or pavement.

Wait Wait for the rear of the car to stop sliding

Straighten Bring the steering wheel back into a straight position. Try time this perfectly to match the moment that the rear wheels are pointed where you want to go.

UNDERSTEER - Usually occurs in real-wheel-drive cars

Understeer is something that occurs when a car turns less than the driver wants it to while going into a turn. This will mean that the car travels wider than the intended path and can make the driver feel very nervous and out of control.  Understeer often occurs when a driver is carrying too much speed into a turn and the front wheels are unable to negotiate both forces of energy.

Correcting Understeer

Negotiating your way out of an understeer situation, while nerve-wracking, is also quite simple. The first thing to do is to take your foot off the throttle, but gently, not immediately. Although our immediate reaction would be to turn the wheels even more to make it into the turn, this is not advised. It is also not advised to slam on the brakes. Keep the wheels pointing in the direction you want to go, and as soon as the grip is restored, you can slowly tap the brakes or the accelerator to pull the car back into control.

Now that you've had a quick crash course in oversteer VS understeer, you're well prepared to deal with them if they ever occur. Of course, there's no better teacher than experience, so if you're really worried about learning how to deal with these problems, we'd advise taking yourself on an advanced driving course. Most manufacturers offer them and they'll teach you much more than just the basics. And who knows, you might even get to try out a used Kia Rio on the course. 

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A Financial Look At Different Vehicle Services And Repairs

A Financial Look At Different Vehicle Services And Repairs

Let's face it buying a new, better car is exciting. It's often a sign of success and that your life is improving, so you should be proud. Getting caught up in all the initial excitement does mean people often forget to look at some long-term responsibilities though. Having to pay for car services, parts and, if anything goes wrong, possibly large scale repairs, is a reality any responsible car owner could face and should plan for. Another aspect to keep in mind is that, if you're moving up from a small hatchback to a crossover, double cab bakkie or an SUV, your costs to maintain the vehicle are going to automatically be higher than what your current zippy little car has been costing you. Calculating and planning for the service costs and parts for a car before you get it will save you a lot of hassle and stress in the coming years, not to mention the size of the dent in your bank account when you visit a car repair workshop. Here is a list of average costs per class category that you can expect to pay for the car you have or want to get.

Entry-level Hatchbacks

While they are the most affordable cars to buy, they'll also be the cheapest to maintain. Costs for a standard service for cars such as the Datsun Go, Hyundai i10, Ford Figo and Honda Brio range between R2 000 and R4 500, according to the most recent Kinsey Report. If you had to replace the entire parts basket of these vehicles, the costs range between R63 000 and R92 000.

Sedans And Family Cars

These range from models like Toyota Corolla, Nissan Almera, Honda Civic and Hyundai Elantra. Starting service costs for parts are R4 500 to R7 300. A complete parts basket, including body panels, lights, shock absorbers and all other components, range vastly. For example, a Toyota Corolla will set you back just over R65 000, while the Honda Civic totals a whopping R310 000.


This very popular class includes the Toyota RAV4, Hyundai Tucson, VOLVO XC40 and KIA Sportage, among others. Again, prices differ hugely between different brands, with the cheapest service cost being the Nissan X-Trail at R3 800. The most expensive parts cost for a standard service for the Mitsubishi Pajero comes in at R7 500.

Now that you have a better idea of what to expect when you buy your next car, you can find out even more details by searching for sales figures, parts costs and service costs online for the model you have in mind, so that you don't get a scare when you visit a car repair workshop.

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Tips When Searching For A Used KIA For Sale

Tips When Searching For A Used KIA For Sale

If you've got your heart set on a KIA model and have decided it's time to finally take that leap and buy one, you're bound to set out on a search journey of proportions not much less tedious than house shopping. Cars are, generally speaking, considered to be the second biggest financial investment you'll ever make, so it&rsquos completely warranted that you take your time to do research and hunt for the best possible option for your available budget. KIA is very popular and is a much sought-after car brand in South Africa and the brand's very modern innovations along with their striking design style have made all of their models desirable to the masses. To help you with your search and to hopefully make the entire process easier and more efficient for you, we've compiled a list of tips when searching online for a used KIA for sale.

Google Is Your Friend

For instant and comprehensive details on where your desired KIA car is available, do a search through Google and remember that putting more specific details in your search query will narrow down the results to the most appropriate to what you're looking for. For example, if you don't just want any available KIA Rio but have your heart set on a specific year, variant and colour, use all of this information in your searches. Bear in mind that the more specific you are, the fewer results you&rsquore likely to have, so if you're flexible in terms of attributes, make your search more general to get a larger selection of options.

Scout Dealer Websites

These days any and all dealerships have an online platform where they display and sell their vehicles. Browsing their websites will save you a huge deal of time as you won&rsquot need to travel to every brick and mortar dealership to enquire and view a car. Most websites also have a filter option which is very useful if you want to cut through several pages of results to search through. Filter your search by make, model, year, mileage and price, among others and remember that these websites update almost daily, so keep checking them often.

Don't Forget Social Platforms And Reputable Websites

While the majority of cars can be found on dealer websites, you might also strike it lucky by searching trustworthy classified sites and by also giving Facebook Marketplace a look. Many dealers expand their marketing by also advertising on these platforms and if you're willing to look at buying from a private seller and not deal with a dealership, which we don't actually advise, these are your best bets. Just remember that private sales do come with a great deal of risk and no guarantees to protect your interest, so if you do go this route, do not pay for or sign anything until you have met the seller in person and looked at the car yourself. There are three other very important things to do if you buy privately. Firstly, always ask for all paperwork to verify that the car is roadworthy, has all its documentation and licences, as well as a paper trail indicating its history. Secondly, have the car inspected by a professional before you make any final decisions. Whether it&rsquos a mechanic you trust or a motoring authority like the AA, rather take the time and pay the small extra cost to be sure that you're making the right decision. Thirdly, if you want to be absolutely certain that you won't get scammed or run into trouble with the sale, have a lawyer draft up an agreement that both you and the seller need to sign, indicating the terms of the sale. That way, both you as a buyer and the seller know what to expect and can fall back on the contract if anything goes wrong.

Set Up Automatic Notifications

Many reputable auto dealer websites give you the option to request to be notified as soon as they receive stock of the particular vehicle you&rsquore looking for. Sign up for these and you will save a great deal of time when it comes to scouring several websites every day. You can also set up an RSS feed on your computer if you'd like to have quick access to any new additions online.

Get Directly In Touch With Dealerships

Vehicle stock typically goes through a quality control process and several checks before they're placed online to be sold. You can contact your local dealerships and ask them to notify you the moment new stock arrives so that you'll have the first preference and a better chance of buying the car before too many other people are made aware of it through ad placements and websites. Another tip to keep in mind is that there is a national online inventory of all cars available for sale in the country, and all dealers have access to this list. That means they can search and track down something very specific for you even if they don't have it in their stock inventory, and arrange for a sale transfer if you're eager to buy the vehicle. Also remember that most reputable used car dealerships offer the option to have the car delivered to you, wherever you are in the country, so don't let the fact that you're in a different province deter you from scouting nationwide. Delivery typically doesn't cost too much extra and some dealers would even be happy to arrange for delivery free of charge if you negotiate with them.

We hope these tips will help speed up and simplify your search for that perfect used KIA for sale and remember that Imperial Select offers a range of carefully checked and quality assured second hand KIA models for sale, so check out our website or enquire for more information.

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Comparison Kia, Mitsubishi, Renault & Ford Models Reviewed

Comparison Kia, Mitsubishi, Renault & Ford Models Reviewed

The vehicle selection in South Africa is definitely not lacking and you're sure to find a model that suits your preferences, style and budget. With so many great cars to choose from, how do you decide what will be best for your budget, not only initially but in the long run? Whether you're looking at buying new, pre-owned or considering demo cars for sale, there are many things to consider. Today we're comparing SUV and crossover SUV models from four popular locally available brands and detail what each model brings to the motoring table.

Kia Sportage

A firm favourite with SA locals, the Sportage is a great SUV for families and active younger people who love to go on adventures alike. In recent years KIA has become synonymous with desirable design aesthetics and great infotainment features, all of which make the Sportage one of SA&rsquos most loved SUVs. Add to this the affordability and quality assurance you'll get with a KIA and it's no surprise that it tops annual sales and ranking reports.

Parts Costs According to the annual Kinsey Report, the Sportage is not the cheapest in its category to maintain when it comes to parts costs. Over the past three years, the overall basket cost compared to the sales price went from 27.58% to 46.27% in 2019. You can expect to pay around R213 000 if you had to replace all parts, but your average service cost will come to around R5 700.

Cost Depending on what year model you're looking at, a pre-owned Sportage manufactured between 2014 and 2019 can cost anywhere between R200 000 and R500 000.

Mitsubishi ASX

While they're mostly recognised locally for their bakkies and double cabs, Mitsubishi also offers popular SUVs such as the Pajero. The ASX is a more recent addition than the Pajero and the more recent facelift model features bold lines and a front grille that will definitely catch passerby's attention. If you're looking for a great SUV that's not as frequently spotted on the roads yet still has all the features you'd want in a car of this type, this might be a great option to look at. Not only that, but overall this SUV will save you money in more ways than just the initial price tag.

Parts Costs Overall, the ASX has been outdoing all other vehicles in this category when it comes to replacing parts. The Kinsey Report ranked the ASX as the cheapest SUV to maintain in 2016, and your average service cost at this point in time will come in around only R4 000 for parts.

Cost Brand new, the ASX starts at a remarkable R379 995 for the base model. If you're looking at a pre-owned ASX, they start around R140 000 for a 2014 model to R260 000 for the 2019 model.

Renault Duster

Renault has a very long history in the South African market and the Duster model is great for adventurers, beach lovers and families alike. The more recent variants of the Duster, from 2018 onward, have vastly improved interior quality and the overall perception of this SUV has definitely improved thanks to their attention to creating not only a functional vehicle but also one that has all the latest features and quality trimmings.

Parts Costs From 2016 to 2019, the overall parts basket compared to the total sales price of the Duster has gone up from 36% to 47%, however, this isn't unusual as almost all vehicles have seen the increase in cost for parts. The Kinsey Report showed standard service cost for parts to be R2 748 in 2016 to a marginal increase to R2 946 in 2019, making it the second cheapest SUV in terms of parts costs.

Cost A brand new base model will cost you R268 900, while pre-owned models can be picked up for around R115 000 for a 2014 model, while a 2019 model averages around R250 000 to R280 000.

Ford EcoSport

Yet another long standing favourite and trusted car manufacturer, Ford's ECOSPORT offering hits all the right notes if you're a young family looking for quality, reliability and affordability. Vast improvements were made to the interiors and overall quality in recent years, with models from 2018 onwards all featuring a captivating infotainment console with a touchscreen and all the integrations you'll need, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Ford decided to create the EcoSport as a definite tribute to what older 4x4 and rugged off road vehicles used to look like, and yet it also reflects modern lines and a front grille that's stylish and contemporary.

Parts Costs For the Ford ECOSPORT's long-term expenses in terms of parts and services, you would be in a comfortable budget range, compared to most other SUVs. The Kinsey Report showed the total parts basket compared to the sales price as 34% in 2016 and 36% in 2019. For single standard service, parts amounted to a total of R4 922 in 2016 and totalled R6 358 in 2019, consistently making it one of the most affordable vehicles in it's class when it comes to parts costs.

Cost Brand new, the latest ECOSPORT will set you back R279 700 for the base model, while the premium EcoBoost Trend variation costs R319 200. Pre-owned, you will find a 2015 model for around R120 000, while the more recent 2019 models sell for an average of R330 000.

For these great models and other demo cars for sale, check out our website for quality guaranteed, premium vehicles. If this comparison still left you undecided, speak to one of our sales representatives who'll provide further clarification and information.

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How To Make Your Car Stand Out On Dealership Websites

How To Make Your Car Stand Out On Dealership Websites

So, you've decided it's time to move on to a new chapter of your life and that changing your car to a new or different model is part of this shift. Whether you're scaling down or moving up, you'll surely want to get the best possible price for your car, while getting it sold as soon as possible. If like most people today, you're going to have your car advertised online via a dealer, there are a few key tricks that will help your car get noticed and snatched up much faster, amid all the other competing vehicles on the website. Get ready to learn how to offer one of the best used cars for sale online.

Give It A Bit Of A Makeover

We're not talking about totally revamping your car with new paint or interiors as that would be unnecessary and very expensive. Instead, look at the affordable improvements you can make to your car to have it look its best on the online showroom floor. Small details can make all the difference when it comes to how attractive a car is to a potential buyer. Essentially, the less work they'll have to put into it to get it up to standard, the better. Test all your car's lights and have the bulbs and fuses replaced if they're on their way out. Install a fresh set of windscreen wipers and take your car for a full valet service so that the interior and exterior is as close to having that brand new car shine and smell as possible. Repairing a cracked window may not be the cheapest job but you may just find that it pays for itself come selling time, as damage of that kind can completely put a potential buyer off.

Get All Your Paperwork In Order

Cars need to have certain certificates and documentation in order to be sold or bought, so make sure you have all the necessary paperwork ready before you present it to the dealer. This will save you a lot of time and effort during the sales process. In addition, if your car has had a full service history be sure to provide the service booklet along with any documentation you may have of extra servicing, tyre replacement and work done to keep your car in top condition.

Be Knowledgeable About Your Car

In order to get a good price for your car, you need to know enough about what the resale value and other factors are so that you know what you can reasonably expect to get for it. Research what other cars of the same model, year and specifications are going for and remember to list any added extras your car may have. These include smash and grab film, added central locking if it didn't come standard, improved or upgraded sound system, higher quality upholstery material and any other added features that will set your car a step above others of its kind.

Take Great Looking Photographs

If you're selling the car yourself and not going through a dealer, you will need to ensure that the photographs you take of your car present it in the best possible light. Make enough effort to ensure that the images are crisp and clear, and that light settings are clear enough to see everything in the photograph clearly. Focus on smaller details such as interior detailing, dashboard and console, as well as foot pedals and floor as these areas can become quite worn out with older vehicles. You need to be able to clearly show the condition of the car so that it entices prospective buyers to enquire about it.

We hope these tips will help you on your way to making a great and effortless sale in the near future. If you're still on the hunt for a replacement vehicle, remember that Imperial Select has a great selection of new and the best used cars for sale on our website, so check in often!

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Which Bakkie Should You Purchase? Nissan NP200 VS Toyota Hilux

Which Bakkie Should You Purchase? Nissan NP200 VS Toyota Hilux

If you're in the market for a bakkie to help mobilize your new or current business in this time where delivery has become a crucial type of service, making the right decision can mean the difference between a worthy investment and failure. Today we look at and compare the Nissan NP200 with the Toyota Hilux, to help you find the best used bakkie for sale.


On the surface, there are some very obvious differences between the two, size being the first thing you'd notice. The NP200 seems like a toy next to its much larger opponent, but don't underestimate this little utility vehicle's capabilities or uses.


It should come as no surprise that the NP200 is significantly cheaper than the Hilux. Second-hand models from the past two or three years range in the region of R130 000, while Hilux models range in price but average around the R300 000 to R450 000 mark for more recent models.

Fuel Consumption

Again, smaller beats bigger when it comes to how much you'll have to fork out for petrol. The NP200 will get you an average of 10.31km per litre at 8.1 litres per 100km, while the average for a petrol Hilux is 11 litres per 100km and diesel models come in around 7.7 to 8.2 liters per 100km.

Resale Value

Both these bakkies rank at the top for best resale value in their category bracket. NP200 models are always in demand with consumers looking for a practical, low-cost transport vehicle, while the Hilux is an extremely popular bakkie and is always highly sought after. Whichever of the two you choose, in this case, they strike fairly even.


Out of all the factors when deciding between these two models, what you intend to use it for should be the biggest deciding factor. If you're running a small delivery business or just need a vehicle to get rid of garden refuse and do occasional moving, the NP200 will serve you perfectly and you won't need anything bigger. As a small business delivery vehicle, there is ample room for storage of goods and, with the addition of a canopy, you'll need nothing more. If you're looking to go hitting mountain trails on the weekends or need a vehicle to do some really heavy towing, the Hilux is by far your best bet.

While both are practical vehicles, finding the best used bakkie for sale depends very much on your needs and budget. We have a great range of both these models available, so be sure to check our website often to find your perfect match.