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  • What Are Your Brake Noises Trying To Tell You?
    Uploaded 9 months ago

    What Are Your Brake Noises Trying To Tell You?

  • Best Used Cars To Get The Most Miles From Your Fuel
    Uploaded 2 days ago

    Best Used Cars To Get The Most Miles From Your Fuel

  • The Best Used Vehicles For Pet Owners Revealed
    Uploaded 3 days ago

    The Best Used Vehicles For Pet Owners Revealed

  • Make Your Money Back With Your Newly Bought Nissan
    Uploaded 4 days ago

    Make Your Money Back With Your Newly Bought Nissan

  • The Difference Between A New, Demo And Used SUV For Sale
    Uploaded 2 weeks ago

    The Difference Between A New, Demo And Used SUV For Sale

  • Vehicle Of The Week: Used Kia For Sale
    Uploaded 2 weeks ago

    Vehicle Of The Week Used Kia For Sale

Uploaded 9 months ago

What Are Your Brake Noises Trying To Tell You?

What Are Your Brake Noises Trying To Tell You?

We've all heard the squeaking, grinding and high-pitched noises that start quietly bursting from our car's wheels and then over time start screaming at us. Sure, we have ignored these sounds thinking that it's just a rock, dirt or dust. We delay the inevitable (due to financial reasons or busy schedules) until we have to visit a car repair workshop to change the brakes or discs. However, it's incredibly important to not turn a deaf ear to these noises and rather listen to what your car is trying to tell you and act accordingly.

What Do These Sounds Mean?

While we would never discourage someone from being proactive about car problems, it is also important to not become a worrywart thinking that every car shake or sound means oncoming doom and gloom. Thanks to the composition of brake pads and discs, they may make a slight grinding or swishing sound in the morning. Why does this happen you ask? Well, the pads have cooled down after the evening's lower temperatures and need to warm up. If you hear a slight hissing or even grinding noise after a rainy evening or dewy morning this is normal as well. What is happening here is that the brake pads are allowing a thin film of air, which generally forms on the iron discs, to sweep through. So breathe, it's not panic time yet. 

And if your vehicle is propped up with heightened brake pad performance, your brake pad friction material will boast an increase in metallic and ceramics. These materials sometimes create a hissing or grinding sound as you slow down. Rest assured that noises on these high-performance vehicles are completely normal. 

On a more common note, most brake pads feature a small spring steel finger. When you have reached the wear limit on the pad - due to using the brake pads too much or too suddenly or coming to the end of the expected pad lifespan - the finger scrapes on the brake disc. This sound you need to pay attention to! It's time to get new brake pads and is definitely not the time to see how long you can drive while braking on metal backing plates. And if your hearing isn't up to scratch, this sound is different to the sound of brake squeal. This is more of a ripping-sheet-metal sound, not a high-pitched sound.

Speaking of high-pitched sounds, have you scrimped on finances and purchased cheap brake pads recently? Are you now hearing a high-pitched brake squeal and have you been hearing it for months now? What's the bet you answered yes to both these questions? Well, this annoying sound is because your cheap brake pads contain extremely high metal content and there are large chunks of metal being pressed into the pad material. These metal pieces press on the rotor causing the squeak. And if you have turned a deaf ear to this noise, it's time to listen up and get new, quality brake pads.

Another time to listen up is when you push on the brake pedal and a squeak bursts from the rear brakes. What's the message from your car here you ask? Well, it's simple. Your shoe-to-backing-plate contact points need lubrication, and need it now! It's urgent because if the contact points lose lubrication, rust forms on the metal and the shoes scrape the backing plate. When this happens, and the wheels rotate, you'll be deafened by a rhythmic squeaking noise. 

When you finally listen to what your car is trying to tell you, and you need a tweak for your squeak, then visit an Imperial car repair workshop.

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Best Used Cars To Get The Most Miles From Your Fuel

Best Used Cars To Get The Most Miles From Your Fuel

At present, not everyone is in a position to buy a new car, but if you are currently in the market for another car to replace your current one, fuel consumption is probably one of the main things you'd factor in before making a decision. After all, petrol isn't cheap and it's the most frequent expense for your car, so finding a vehicle that not only suits your needs and budget but also saves you on fuel is definitely worth a bit of homework. Luckily for you, we're going to narrow down the very broad list of possible options to a select few top performers in a variety of classes. With this knowledge, you should be able to locate and buy the best used cars for sale in no time. 

Compact Hatch Category Suzuki Swift

Whichever of the variants of the Swift you go with, you'll benefit from the same great fuel economy. A popular, youthful and fun hatchback, the Swift is also very affordable to maintain and has been lauded as a very affordable car in terms of replacement parts costs. The Swift will deliver 4.2l per 100km and has an estimated resale value of 58.98%. If you're looking for a new Suzuki Swift, prices start at a very reasonable R159,900, while pre-owned models average around R125,000.

Luxury Sedan Category BMW 3 Series

With the prestige of driving in the embodiment of sophistication and professionalism, the BMW 3 Series has always made an undeniable impression. These models have an average resale value of 49.90% and will deliver powerful performance, an exhilarating drive, all the while only consuming 4.8l per 100km. If you're looking to have your car reflect your ambitious lifestyle, this is a sure bet and is very popular with young professionals in South Africa.

Micro Hatch Category Toyota Aygo

In the same class category as the Opel Adam and VW Up, this zippy little car from Toyota is not only fun to drive, but also offers an unusually high resale value of 75%. Built for those who have to take on the daily commute to and from work or school, or simply need a car for the occasional trip to the shops, the Aygo wasn't built for space but absolutely delivers in terms of necessary features and fuel economy. You will get 4.3l per 100km out of an Aygo, and new models for sale start at R182,000. If you're aiming for a used model, prices range around R150,000 to R160,000 but vary quite a lot in general.

Small SUV Category Nissan Qashqai

Nissan's Qashqai is perfect for families or fun-seeking people who often head out to the beach or go on hiking trips. It's an extremely comfortable and quiet car and has a resale value of 57.94%. In terms of fuel economy, you'll get 4.2l per 100km with the Qashqai, and get to enjoy the added benefit of much lower parts costs than other vehicles in the same class category from other manufacturers. Brand new the Qashqai starts at R392,500 for the base model, but you can scoop up a used one for anywhere between R125,000 and R400,000 for models from 2015 upwards. 

Crossover Category Ford Fiesta

A very popular car among young professionals and students, the Fiesta became a smash hit after it was relaunched with a very different facelift a few years ago. Due to it's enduring popularity, the Fiesta maintains a strong resale value of 60% of the original selling cost. The 1.0T Trend model manages 4.3l per 100km, while the 1.5  TDCi Trend model has an impressive fuel consumption figure of only 3.3l per 100km. Depending on which version of the Fiesta you prefer, you can expect to pay R305,300 for the base version of the brand new version of the Fiesta. In terms of parts costs, you'll be happy to know that the Fiesta has scored third place in the 2019 Kinsey report for cheapest parts basket in its category. 

If you're interested in possibly buying one of these cars, or have your mind and heart set on another specific vehicle, remember that you can always buy the best used cars for sale with us at Imperial Select. We have a broad range of new, used and demo cars available and bring new stock in daily.

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The Best Used Vehicles For Pet Owners Revealed

The Best Used Vehicles For Pet Owners Revealed

Because of national lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we've all had to adjust to a very different way and pace of life. While we now have a bit more freedom to leave home at level 3, parks and other places to take your dog for an outing are still off-limits, leaving them stuck at home for the most part. Luckily, taking them out for a drive is still possible and we all know how much our furry family members love going for a car ride. Since options are limited and you love your pets, why not restructure your life to let them enjoy trips and outings with you? Switching to a car that's spacious and comfortable enough for you and your pets to enjoy sightseeing excursions might just be the perfect solution. We&rsquove compiled a list of the best vehicles for dog and pet owners so that you can shift to a lifestyle where they're as much as a part of your day as possible. 

Suzuki Jimny

An impressive performer, this mini SUV has all the performance power to keep up with bigger SUVs and 4x4 vehicles, while being small enough to easily manoeuvre through city traffic and tight parking areas. The back seats completely flatten, creating ample room for your dogs to enjoy the view from all angles. Pre-owned Jimny models are priced around R199,900  

Jeep Wrangler

A perfect and practical solution if you love adventure and taking your dogs with you, the Wrangler is spacious and capable of taking on any terrain with ease. You may not be allowed to travel far from home at the moment, but in the long run, the Wrangler will be a great investment if you love exploring the great outdoors with your four-legged companions. Another great benefit of the Wrangler is it's easy to keep clean you can literally take a garden hose to wash down the interior cabin - a great convenience for anyone who knows how dirty and hairy their cars get when dogs are on board. Used Wranglers range in price depending on year and mileage, but you can expect to pay anywhere from R150,000 to over R500,000 for one that's in good condition. 

Honda CR-V

A very popular SUV in South Africa, the Honda CR-V features plenty of space and luxury features to give you and your pets a very comfortable ride. The CR-V is also a very affordable option, as compared to other models in this class range. You'll be able to pick up a second-hand model for around R130,000 to R220,000. 

Nissan X-Trail 

Yet another extremely popular model locally, the X-Trail doubles up as a powerful workhorse and the perfect vehicle to take your dogs to the beach or anywhere else you feel like exploring. Stated to have space for 7 adults, this bakkie has rubber matting available for easy cleaning and can be modified to make plenty of space for your canine friends. A pre-owned X-Trail can go from around R60,000 for a 2006 model, up to around R550,000 for a 2020 model. 

Renault Sandero Stepway

If you're looking for a spacious vehicle that's also convenient and perfect for everyday life, the Sandero Stepway is another great option to look at. The Stepway is a sporty crossover version of the standard Sandero and has a fun, youthful aesthetic. Surfers and their dogs will love the Stepway as it has ample space and roof racks to transport surfboards or carry a bit of extra luggage on a road trip. The Sandero Stepway is available for anywhere between R96,000 and R170,000 on the used car market. 

If you're looking at changing to a more pet-friendly vehicle, remember that we have a large selection of Renault used car and other pre-owned car options available on our website and we are constantly adding more stock. 

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Make Your Money Back With Your Newly Bought Nissan

Make Your Money Back With Your Newly Bought Nissan

If you've recently bought a Nissan or are currently looking for a used Nissan for sale, you would probably like to know about ways of making some extra money to help pay for your day-to-day living expenses and to ease financial burdens a bit. In fact, what if you could use your new car to earn its keep by earning you an income and virtually paying for itself over time? There are a few ways to monetise your assets, especially your vehicle, and we're going to explain how to do just that. 

Promote Business With Your Car 

Promotional stickers on cars are a very popular and effective way of marketing a business to the world around you. After all, when you're sitting in traffic, how often do you end up reading whatever's written on the vehicles that surround you? You can advertise your own business this way, or become a brand representative for a company by promoting them with your vehicle. There are three main forms of vehicle-based advertising magnetic stickers, vinyl wraps or vinyl sticker detailing. Magnetic stickers are exactly what they sound like, giant stickers that you can put on the doors of your car and easily remove or swop out with another, without causing any damage to your paintwork. In terms of cost-effectiveness, this is the cheapest option. The downside to magnetic stickers, unfortunately, is that they're likely and very easy to pull of a parked vehicle in public spaces, so bear this in mind. 

Vinyl wraps are specialised branded designs that entirely cover your car's bodywork and are very hard to miss in traffic. They cost a few thousand and can be removed when no longer needed, without damaging your car's paintwork. Lastly, vinyl stickers can be used for logos and contact details - another affordable option. This option works well on any vehicle, so whether you drive a Nissan Micra or X-Trial, the option is equally available to you. Do bear in mind that your vehicle needs to be a fairly recent model in great condition, and that the larger your vehicle, the more you get paid because the real estate for their mobile billboard will be bigger and more visible. 

There are several companies dedicated to connecting brands and people who want to earn an income by displaying brands on their cars, but to get you started, you can look at and for more information on what they offer and what is required of you. Alternatively, you could always contact the marketing departments of businesses and enquire about whether car promotions are part of their marketing plan and whether they'll consider paying you to do this for them. 

Start A Delivery Service

Before the arrival of this global pandemic that we're currently facing, delivery services had already taken off as a very popular choice for customer convenience. This has become an even more sought after and popular business model now that we're mostly confined to our homes or trying to avoid going out as much as possible, which is great news for anyone ready to seize an opportunity to start a new business. Delivery services you could offer range from courier-type transportation of goods, or you could even start your own errands service where you do shopping for customers and deliver their requested items to them. Depending on what you're planning on offering to transport, you could manageably run your business with anything from an Almera to a Navara. 

Start A Carpooling Club Or Create A Taxi Business

If you work at a company and travel to work every day, consider inviting your co-workers to travel with you to work and back, for a fee. Alternatively, you could offer transportation services to and from schools or residential complexes, where you know transport on a set route is needed daily. Ideally, depending on how many people you want to or can facilitate, you could do this with a sedan or a hatchback, but an SUV or MPV like a Nissan Juke or X-Trail would be better suited. 

Are you ready to grab the opportunity and take on a new income stream? If you do, we wish you all the best and safe driving with your Nissan! Contact us at for used Nissan for sale.

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The Difference Between A New, Demo And Used SUV For Sale

The Difference Between A New, Demo And Used SUV For Sale

SUVs are popular vehicles that appeal to a broad range of potential buyers, due to their versatility in terms of cabin space, as well as their ability to traverse terrains that your typical hatchback or sedan just couldn't handle. If you're in the market for a used SUV for sale, you'll most likely be scouting for the best selection for your price range and requirements. But what exactly are the differences between investing in a brand new SUV, versus going for a demo or used model? Are the differences really that significant? Here's a quick breakdown of what you should expect when looking at each of the sales brackets.

New SUVs

As you'd expect, this would be the most expensive route to go, as the price tag of a new SUV in the same class tends to be a good few thousand more than that of a used or demo version. The benefits of buying brand new should be considered, however. A brand new SUV comes with the knowledge that you're starting off fresh with a vehicle that has no previous driver history and, therefore, no damage or wear and tear done to it by being used before you bought it. You'll also get a full vehicle warranty and service plan so that you won't need to worry about maintenance costs for your SUV for at least a few years. The latest SUVs also come with the latest in automotive and technological advances, which means you'll be driving in what is currently the safest, best performing vehicle with the most recent innovations in infotainment and smart vehicle technology. The downside, aside from the cost? Your insurance premiums will be higher than with the other two options and, depending on what brand you buy, the risk of potential theft or hijacking may be higher, if the vehicle is an in-demand model.

Demo SUVs

The demo option is always an interesting and potentially perfect go-between in cost options if you really want a recent model but can't afford a brand new one off the showroom floor. Demo vehicles are used by dealerships for the specific purpose of displaying the car's features, appearance and to allow potential buyers the opportunity to get a real feel for the car by taking a test drive and accessing all the vehicle features first hand. Typically these demo models are used only while the vehicle is the latest offering by the manufacturer for that style of car, and demo models are never made use of beyond the 5000km mileage mark. Once a demo vehicle reaches that mileage, it is sold at a reduced price to an interested buyer. What you can expect from a demo model is a vehicle that's basically the latest offering, with a bit of mileage and minimal wear and tear, at a good few thousand less than that of a new model. You'll also have the benefit of taking over the remainder of the vehicle's warranty and service plan, which again means you won't need to start planning a budget around car maintenance quite yet.

Used SUVs

The broad scope of available SUV models in the country means that you can pick up a used SUV for anywhere between R130 000 and R700 000 upwards. There's a big difference in resale value and overall status value between a Renault and a Lexus, after all, so what you can expect to pay will largely depend on whether you're looking for an SUV or a very particular brand and model. SUVs typically have a good resale value as they're in fairly high demand in South Africa, but you will always be able to land a great deal if you're willing to take the time and browse a bit before making a decision. If you're fairly certain that the used SUV route is the best option for your budget, be sure to do a lot of checking to ensure that it is still in great condition and that it does work as expected. Used cars, depending on their age, can still come with the remainder of a service plan and warranty, but most models past five years won't so bear this in mind when planning for what to buy and how much maintaining it will cost you annually. 

SUVs are built to be rugged and sturdy, which should make their longevity more expected than that of, say, a smaller city-dwelling car. If you're looking at something from eight or ten years ago, you should still be able to find a decent enough car for a good price. Always remember to check the history of previous owners and look for possible signs that the vehicle had been in accidents or needed panel beating and other work before. You may wonder when it's no longer a smart move to buy an older SUV, so here are a few things to look out for and avoid when shopping Don't buy a used SUV that is no longer in production - these models will more than likely be much harder to find parts for and servicing will become more expensive as a result. If safety features, performance, and technology features are a priority to you, you'd be better off looking at more recent models. While you can always upgrade your sound system and make manual improvements to the vehicle, at a certain point the cost of upgrades may outweigh the initial investment, so rather save up for something a bit more recent.

Unfortunately, the risk with used cars is that you may end up with unexpected costs and breakdowns, which is why we urge you to buy from a reputable dealer that will assist you and give you peace of mind when you buy a used SUV for sale

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Vehicle Of The Week Used Kia For Sale

Vehicle Of The Week Used Kia For Sale

Are you looking for a stylish, sporty and tech-packed new car but aren't sure where to even begin browsing, with there being so many options available locally? This week we focus on the KIA Rio hatchback as a winning option for potential car buyers who are looking for a used Kia for sale. Whether it's brand new, previously owned or if you're looking for a good option in terms of demo cars for sale, this model has been a great success for many years and promises to be a set of wheels to be proud of.

Once Underappreciated, Now Adored

The Rio has been around for 21 years but the first few generations didn't exactly capture attention or adoration. KIA has, however, made a huge shift in how their cars are designed in recent years, and the results have spoken for themselves across the board. KIA has become a very popular brand with drivers of all ages and has become synonymous with beautiful design and being on the frontlines of technological advances in terms of their features. In 2011, they stirred things up with the introduction of a new KIA Rio and since then, this model has only become more appealing and desirable.

A Closer Look At This Sporty Hatchback

The Rio is a very sporty hatchback and offers everything you'd want and wish for in a car. In recent years KIA has vastly improved the quality of their interiors and safety features, and it shows in everything from the material used for the dashboard and steering wheel, to the infotainment console that features a touch display and incredible sound. The latest rendition of the Rio will hit South African shores towards the end of 2020 and promises to be a knockout. This new range will also feature the addition of a hybrid-electric model, the very first of its kind for KIA.

So, what can you expect from a KIA Rio model? If you're looking at a pre-owned model from 2012 to 2016, you'll have a choice of four variants, of which two are petrol-based and two diesel based. This model features much lower carbon emissions and incredible fuel economy thanks to their EcoDynamics technology, including a Stop & Go engine function to save petrol while you're stuck in traffic or at a traffic light. The Rio reaches a top speed of 167km/h with a 13.1-second acceleration speed to get from 0 to 100km/h. In terms of fuel economy, you can expect to get an average of 5l/100km.

In the 2016 model, you will find air conditioning, a USB port, and even satellite radio. The hatchback models feature 15-inch wheels, tilt steering, steering-wheel audio controls, split-folding rear seatbacks, and a standard rear spoiler. If you opt for the upgraded version you'll also get power windows, central locking, and keyless entry. The EX models in this range also offer tilt steering, Bluetooth, cruise control, and, as with the lower-spec model, fully automated windows, central locking, and keyless entry. The premium version of the 2016 model is the Rio SX. Unlike the other versions that feature 15" wheels, the SX sports 17" wheels, larger front brakes, fog lamps, sport suspension tuning, a rearview camera, heated side mirror that can fold in when parked, a voice-controlled infotainment system called KIA UVO and some beautiful detailing to the front grille and tail with LED lights.

In terms of safety ratings, the Rio has globally achieved a four-star standard for the majority of safety tests, including side-impact and rollover testing. The Rio comes with dual airbags in the front, sides, and side-curtain airbags, along with ABS, stability control and hill-start assist functions. The rearview camera comes standard with the higher end SX model but is also optional for any of the other models. Some reviewers have recommended this as a necessary addition if you buy a Rio, as the car's shape does tend to create a few blind spots when parking.

While the Rio is built for comfort and creates quite a comfortable long-distance driving experience, the legroom and headroom may be a bit too small for taller people. The backseat is definitely ideal for kids or smaller individuals as you may find the legroom a bit too cramped. Boot space is fairly average, on par with other hatchbacks in this class. If you're looking for comparisons between the Rio and other similar models from other manufacturers, you can look at the Ford Fiesta, Citroen C3, Honda Jazz and Hyundai i30 models as they all fall within the same class range.

Prices for the KIA Rio vary depending on manufacturer year and mileage, but on average you can expect to pay around R95,000 to R170,000 for a pre-owned model. Brand new the KIA Rio will cost you R269,995 for the lowest base model. Whether you decide to buy new, used or demo cars for sale, remember that we offer a huge selection of cars on our website and update stock on a daily basis. Contact us for our selection of used Kia for sale.