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If you are looking for an extremely reliable service for your KIA, Renault, Mitsubishi or Hyundai, we have your back. We provide premium services to all our customers and help you to minimise the wear and tear that increase expenses over the years. We believe that diligent servicing of vehicles can increase lifespan and keep vehicles reliable and safe to drive. 

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R 999
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    Includes 5% discount on additional parts & labour.

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    Supply the following code on your booking - Code B01

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R 1,399
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  • Tyre

    Includes Free Wheel Alignment & Tyre Rotation.

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    Includes 7.5% discount on additional parts & labour.

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    Supply the following code on your booking - Code B02

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R 1,899
  • Instrument panel

    Includes Free Wheel Balancing & Aircon Service.

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    Includes 10% discount on additional parts & labour.

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    Supply the following code on your booking - Code B03

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Why choose Imperial for your car service?

  • World-class servicing
  • Expert diagnostics
  • Top-quality tools
  • Fully equipped workshops
  • Experienced technicians
  • Friendly, helpful customer service

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 So, if you are looking for state-of-the-art diagnostics and highly professional servicing, maintenance and repairs, we are the people to call. If you want your vehicle to be serviced by a world-class operation, book an appointment with us and see the results for yourself!

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You can rest assured that we can provide the service you need. We stock all the necessary parts for these specific brands which means that you can take advantage of superior servicing of your vehicle with authentic parts. Because we are serious about maintaining exceptionally high standards, our workshops only use exclusively original manufacturers’ parts for services, maintenance and repairs. This means that you don’t have to travel far to find an extremely effective and cost efficient solution for servicing and repairs. We encourage you to service your vehicle according to manufacturers’ schedules in order to keep your vehicle safe to drive and durable for many years.

Because our technicians and highly trained mechanical engineers are passionate, we ensure your complete peace of mind. We provide warranties on our service and the parts we use. Whether your vehicle needs a routine service or a problem that needs to be resolved, we can help. We operate nationwide, which means that wherever you are, we are there too. And we are always happy to assist.

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